“But it doesn’t make sense…”

This is a Shakespeare post. A post on Shakey.The Spearer of Shakes. A post about....Shakespeare. The ultimate thing about understanding the language of Shakespeare is to immerse yourself in it. Watch lots of film versions, watch performances of the play and read lots of the plays. I have found that the more I have read …

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Seven Reasons to Watch ‘Seven’

I don't care if you think the title to this post is sad because I think it is fucking awesome! This may seem like a strange post but I am watching 'Seven' and realised I haven't done a film post and I have had this blog a week! I know shame on me! I will …

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Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (Bristol Old Vic) 2014

Another big one! Got to remember how to breathe again. What to prepare:  Here you have the obvious Shakespeare (although you can do Jacobean, Restoration or any other Elizabethan playwright) and modern pieces but there are differences. At your audition you are asked to sing a verse and chorus from any song you want but …

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