This year so far.

I did a silly and started this blog near the end of my auditions but forgive me please, I kept notes before all this but lets start with an overview.

I turned 18 this year and have been auditioning for various drama schools. The list this year is:

  • Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
  • Rose Bruford
  • Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
  • London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
  • Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
  • Arts Educational London

NOTE-This may seem a lot but remember you need to find the place for you! A lot of drama schools don’t do open days so I treat the auditions as open day type things. I liked all these and through this process this list got shorter on the places I liked.

Through out this time I will say what we had to do, what I had to prepare, how it went, what my feelings were and whether or not I would audition next year.

I hope these will help you in some way.


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