Tip Number 1

To sort of quote Gandalf “read you fools!”.

Seriously though you should read as much as you can. Read plays, read books by practitioners, read plays, read books about different eras of theatre, read plays, read publications on the internet or magazines and read more plays. Always make time for a bit of reading each day even if it is only 15 minutes on the bus or something. Did I mention read plays?

If you think this is just some old crazy girl typing manically believe me it isn’t. Ask anyone for advice and some of the best advice will be to read and broaden your knowledge. It is great to know all the great writers and thinkers with the fancy names but know some other lesser known ones because they can be just as good.

A short list of recommendations would include: any play by John Godber,  ‘The Golden Rules of Acting that nobody ever tells you’ by Andy Nyman, Boys by Ella Hickson, ‘About Acting’ by Peter Barkworth, ‘A Brief History of Helen of Troy’ by Mark Schultz, ‘Evoking and Forgetting Shakespeare’ by Peter Brook, ‘Dr Faustus’ by Christopher Marlowe, ‘Bunny’ by Jack Thorne, ‘Medea’ by Euripides, any Shakespeare, ‘Saved’ by Edward Bond, Stanislavski’s work, ‘Shopping and Fucking’ by Mark Ravenhill, ‘Volpone’ by Ben Jonson, ‘Keeping Tom Nice’ by Lucy Gannon, ‘The Maids’ by Jean Genet and whatever else tickles your fancy.

Here are a few other recommendations:




Now please go forth and get your nose stuck into one of these. They are all fabulous and anyone with any interest in reading or acting should find them in a library or on Amazon very soon!


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