Arts Educational Schools London (ARTS ED) 2014

This school you cannot get a full loan for the course so remember that before applying. Now onto the fun stuff.

What to prepare:

Arts Ed is weird. In the Shakeyman area it is. You are asked to prepare 8-10 lines instead of a full monologue and they mean lines down as if they were numbered not ten sentences. Make sure when cutting your Shakespeare you cut it at a good place not like mid thought. Again prepare a modern monologue. Another thing is you are sent a script to learn and learn it! You may think you only need it for the afternoon screen test but they use it in the workshop as well.

The Actual Day: 

Right, I turn up and find a load of people all waiting outside the school. I think “hmmm weird” then walk up to the door. On the door there is a notice for all the applicants to wait outside until they are called in so check the weather before you go. I didn’t but got very lucky. We went in and had to tick off our names and sit down on a load of chairs in the main foyer. There is a TV playing with snippets of graduates short films playing, the first load is nice but the fourth time of the watching gets boring so chat to people. We are then taken to a studio that is BOILING hot and do our workshop, we do an improv where you are put in groups of four and have to sort out flat share arrangements. My group was interesting, some worked very well but I had some ‘strong’ personalities. After this we are lead up to a new room and are told we will be taken to a different room to perform our monologues to a panel in an order I did not understand. I made friends with a group of people who all knew each other and it was a life saver. There were about 30 people in total and it took ages! After everyone has performed you wait even longer till a poor scared looking tutor is sent in with a list of people that the panel want to see again. My name is not called and I am sad but I head out and wait for my dad to pick me up.


Rejected in the morning sadly.

Overall notes and feelings: 

I loved it there with the passion and the tutors were all very nice and enthusiastic. The course is very good and I like the structure of it with how much filming work you do. However, the school has got a very musical theatrey vibe which was a bit scary but hey I wouldn’t be doing that. Another ‘iffy’ thing was how hot the school was! May sound strange but holy hell it was actually like Hell!


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