LIPA Recall 2014

I had this the day before my RADA audition so I did a lot of travelling but oh my days the experience was amazing. Now onto the actual stuff you care about. I do apologise for the length of this though.

What to prepare: 

This varies on what you were recalled for, the BA people will have to perform either their song or devised piece (whichever you didn’t do at the first round) and the Foundation will have to prepare for a dance class among other things. Go back over what you did at your first audition because you will be asked to perform a monologue of your choice (either your Shakespeare or modern) in front of the other people in your group. Again, you will receive a very detailed email with all the information you will need.

The actual day: 

Right, I stayed up the night before again because we had to register at 8.30amish. When you register you will be put in groups that you will be in for your workshops and get your name tag. This time you are being marked in your workshops. You will have a tutor running the workshop and then a different tutor and a current student marking and watching you, they also have a habit of wandering around the room to get a look at your name. The workshops you do are voice, acting, performing your monologues and movement. My went in that order and everyone does this no matter which course you are recalled for. The voice workshop was surprisingly very physical and how your body affects your voice and creating a character using them.. The acting workshop included games to do with names of your group, improvising a scene from a famous play but mimed and so on. This workshop was again highly physical. The monologue performance is in front of your group, two current students and a tutor. You are called up in no particular order and can perform either one of your monologues. You perform and then everyone claps and it is all very nice and there is no need to get scared because you are all in the same position, so just breathe and go for it! The movement workshop was a lot of fun, it is run by a lovely little Turkish man who is very understanding and jokes a lot (I am always worried about movement because I have very little co-ordination or rhythm) but you do some stretches and various exercises like arm rotations and some jumping/turning/combination thingys.

After the workshops you lunch. During lunch the tutors are going to decide to either send people home, recall them for the Foundation or recall them for the BA in Acting. I lunched and went up with everyone to find out the news. A list of names are called and asked to go out to one room, another list of names and mine is on there and we leave to another room, a group of people are left in the original room.

We are informed of our situation. I was recalled for the Foundation. First thought “YAY”, second thought “shit I don’t have my sheet music, I thought I would be doing my devised piece”. This lead me to an important thing of being prepared for ANYTHING!!!! I had to make the awkward admission of this to the scary Foundation courser lady but luckily the little Turkish man saved me and went off to find me some. You start with the learning of a short dance. I cannot dance. At all. Not even a little bit. I look like an epileptic spider in a strobe lights show when I dance. That was mortifying and I knew from the mention of it that I wouldn’t get in because the Foundation  course is for Acting and Musical theatre and you do a lot of dance (everyday at least one lesson usually) and many different types of dance (ballet, ensemble musical stuff and jazz). Then you perform your monologue, this is meant to be your modern but most of us performed that in the morning so we were asked for our Shakespeare, the fear on some peoples faces was not a good sign and two people ran to their bags to get scripts. If someone is doing the same Shakespeare as you at LIPA don’t worry, they send you a list there will be some overlap, if they are doing the same modern look for a new one for your other auditions so that you have something more unique to offer the audition panel. Don’t forget the original modern but look for more. I say this because three other girls performed my monologue and many people chose to perform Cressida. Monologue done, song up now. Lovely Turkish man found some sheet music and the song went as expected. Then we could leave. I left and knew it went badly but still had a lot of fun.


Told ya I would be rejected! It was expected but I was sad. I really liked LIPA but I did not like the Foundation course because for me it was way too musical theatre and I would’ve been a serious burden and not been happy.

Overall notes and feelings: 

I like the BA but not the Foundation but this is highly personal because you may love dancing and singing and the like but it is not for me. I found all the staff to be a joy to work with and the way that they taught was very clear and I found the entire experience very enjoyable…except the dancing. Fucking hate dance.

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