Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) 2014

My first audition was at LIPA and I was proper nervous. The audition was back in January but I will recall as much as I can for you.

What to prepare:

You get sent a list of Shakespeare monologues to choose from and you will also need to prepare a modern speech. As well as the speeches LIPA ask you to prepare a 500 word essay on a question of your choice but they do give you suggestions, a song from a musical and to devise a personal piece of theatre lasting two minutes. At the first round you can choose to perform either your song with a piano accompanist or your devised piece. You will be required to provide sheet music for your song. Don’t do what I did and forget about it till two days before, I was very stressed and ended up with three different versions of the same song. The school does email you all this information and more so if I wasn’t clear, don’t worry.

The actual day: 

I was in the afternoon slot but because I live ages away from Liverpool my mother and I stayed up in Liverpool the night before. I would recommend this because it means you have no traffic stress and it gives you a good feel for Liverpool (fucking loved it, everyone was blooming lovely). The school provide a list of nearby accommodation with the audition confirmation email.  Anyhoo my mother and I got there a bit early so we killed time in the massive cathedral opposite the school but when the time came I wandered in my own fearful way to the school. 20 minutes later I am registered and given my time slot for my workshop, individual audition and optional tour. There are two panels at LIPA with three people on (two tutors and a third year) and you will be sent to one of these. My audition slot was second to last so my brain was already like” NYERRREHHHH” but I found some people to chat to that were in my group for the workshop so I calmed down a bit. You aren’t marked on the workshop and it is run by two ex students but it is so much fun and really throw yourself into it, we were all running around at one point trying to make a chicken as a group…it didn’t work out well! My individual audition consisted of a quick chat, performing my modern, my Shakespeare and then my song. Be warned I was asked where else I was applying to and panicked, I was like “are they going to judge me?!” but I don’t entirely understand why they ask you but just be honest whatever the answer is. I left with my heart thumping and trying to regain a coherent thought process but overall I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was lovely and passionate, the people were all fantastic, the location is nice, I learnt stuff from the day and the Paul McCartney Theatre is beautiful!!!! The image attached doesn’t do it justice. 


I didn’t think my audition was anything special but I was very shocked to receive an email from them a few days later to inform me I was being offered a recall for the BA in Acting.

Overall notes and feelings: 

I really liked it there, the energy was right for me and I could picture myself working well in a place like that (I mean they did ‘Marat Sade’ in their second year with cages built into the floor and the back of the stage gaping open!). I would audition there again in a heartbeat.

Paul McCartney Auditorium
Paul McCartney Auditorium

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