Rose Bruford 2014

I’ll tell you all this now Sidcup is shit.

What to prepare: 

You need a Classical piece and a modern monologue like usual. They are quite nice and simple with that so I will move swiftly on.

The Actual Day: 

Driving through Sidcup is like driving through a rough end of London after a zombie invasion. You do not expect the cool little haven that is Rose Bruford to be situated anywhere near it let alone very near the center! The day is quite relaxed, you get taken on a tour of the whole campus by two ex students and then you taken to the cafeteria to wait for your individual audition then you can go home. The tour is really good and oh my God the campus is beautiful!!! I am in love. They have a theatre in the round that can be manipulated into any other shape you can think of. I was in awe. My audition time was very near the end so I was waiting for ages and most of the other people there were lovely but there was one girl who I was close to punching. I won’t go into it too much because I was doing my best to ignore her but she was the type that thinks she is better than you, puts you done and is frankly a bitch. BEWARE THE BITCH! IGNORE THE BITCH! STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THE BITCH AS POSSIBLE! DON’T LET THEM HAVE ANY EFFECT ON YOU! YOU ARE INVINCIBLE!

The audition is quite simple, you walk in and hand your photo (you will need a passport sized photo) to an ex student who is on the panel and then have a very brief chat with the tutor on the panel then perform your pieces. The you can go. ’tis simple like.


I got rejected again but heyhoo it is a big part of the business so ya just got to get used to it.

Overall notes and feelings: 

This one did hurt because I love it at Rose Bruford. The atmosphere, the campus, I know a lot of people who are there/went there and think it is awesome. I walked in and thought “yes”. They will be seeing me again.


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