Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) 2014

A big one in a hugely prestigious drama school way with such an impressive list of graduates it almost hurts to look at it. RADA has four rounds of auditions.

What to prepare: 

RADA ask you prepare a modern speech and a Shakespeare. I would recommend doing a Shakespeare that is not included on any of the lists for other schools, they will be hugely overdone. I know that may mean you need to learn loads of Shakespeare (I learnt 4 this year but people have learnt more) however it is needed because the panel will just compare you to other people even more obviously…perhaps one of their Oscar winning alumni or maybe one of the Olivier award winners they have tutored. Don’t put yourself up against that sort of calibre.

The Actual Day:

I arrived about 20 minutes before my time and got chatting to one of the other people in the reception. You all wait in the reception area until a nice lady comes to take you to a conference room where you fill out a form with your monologue choices. You are then split into three groups and taken to where ever you are auditioning, some go to a different building and two remain in the RADA building but different rooms. I was with my friend from the reception and another more serious looking bloke. All this time I have not really felt any sort of major connection to the place, I have mainly felt fear. I am first up in my group and am lead into a really long room by an ex student and sat in front of  two tutors, one lovely woman and then a scary scowling man. We chat about what I am up to, what I have been reading and the like, then I perform and fuck up my Shakespeare A LOT but modern goes okay. I am now an even bigger bag of nerves and not feeling at all at ease when they ask to chat again. I walk out after that 10 minutes of horror feeling like shit because that did not go well and I know I could have done better. I am one to believe that whilst rejection hurts it is easier and less painful than to walk out of a room after a shit audition. I was shaking like a leaf in a thunderstorm. I met up with my dad, knowing I would be rejected in the first round and went to comfort eat. After about half an hour I realised that sulking and being sad wouldn’t help so I made the decision to perk up and make sure I worked harder next time.


The expected rejection. Not much more to add here really…

Overall notes and feelings: 

I am not sure if I will audition here again because I didn’t feel like I could be myself there and if I am going to study somewhere for three years I want to do it as myself. It is a good school with a great reputation but I didn’t fit in there.


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