Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (Bristol Old Vic) 2014

Another big one! Got to remember how to breathe again.

What to prepare: 

Here you have the obvious Shakespeare (although you can do Jacobean, Restoration or any other Elizabethan playwright) and modern pieces but there are differences. At your audition you are asked to sing a verse and chorus from any song you want but they ask you to avoid contemporary pop songs and you will be given a piece of sight reading to perform. Don’t stress about either of these things  because they not only want you to be good but to just tell them a story.

The Actual Day: 

This audition is very short but if you want something to do the zoo is like one minute down the road on foot and that is where I went after my audition. I spent ages in the reptile area like a freak. Back the audition topic, there are two white buildings and I went to the wrong one. I had a 50/50 chance and mucked it, wow my instincts are good *sarcasm*. Anyway once I was in the correct building I was given my sight reading and what luck we had to do an American accent (California)! I read through it a few times then got talking to the other people in the waiting room who were absolute dears! Then a current student came along and we all had another nice chat with him. I did notice one of the people I was waiting with often got up and furiously muttered his pieces to himself and I will be honest I found that a bit annoying, I had a panic about my own lines and my brain froze for about a minute but then I just blocked him. Then an ex student came down and shook my hand then took me up to a really nice little room. The panel consisted of the lady who collected me and another tutor lady and they were sat in front of a massive window. We had a nice chat and then asked which piece I wanted to perform first. I performed my modern, then Shakespeare, my song and finally my sight reading. I felt it went okay not spectacular but not truly awful.
Give me an R! Give me an E! Give me a J! That would take a while but I think you get get the idea. I got rejected.
Overall notes and feelings: 
I was very sad when I got rejected but obviously had to have seen it coming a little because it is a HUGELY respected school and I am a weird little young thing. Ah well, I will just need to audition again next year.

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