Central Monologue Performances 2014

These are a few little things that I noticed at my Central audition, where you are all watching each others monologues. I am not a professional these are just some things that I PERSONALLY picked up on. A post on the audition day will follow once I have received the result through.

  • Take your time. So many people were rushing through their pieces, especially the Shakespeare ones, so fast and it did almost feel like they were just think “lets get this over with”. Take your time and get into the characters mind frame as best as you can. You have paid for this audition get all the time you can from them to show off your skills.
  • Enjoy yourself! Smile and have fun with your pieces as much as you can. I know you are nervous (and so am I when I am auditioning) but believe me everyone is feeling this and if you let the nerves get to you too much then your life will be very difficult if you want to continue this as a profession. Enjoy everything you do.
  • Follow the guidelines. Whether the rules be timings of monologues, having everything prepared or just not wearing make up. They are looking at someone who can work with them on their level to fight against them on something as trivial as having slightly redder lips or longer eyelashes.
  • Throw yourself into it. Some people looked so scared and reserved and like I said before you paid for this opportunity so use it to the max!!! Don’t let some old snobby people scare you out of what you love.
  • On the other hand don’t do anything just to be ‘different’ or to show how fearless you are. just be the character and don’t be afraid to do what they would do.

I think this is it. I apologise if I sound all preachy but they are just simple things that I saw others doing and noticed in my own performance.


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