Seven Reasons to Watch ‘Seven’

I don’t care if you think the title to this post is sad because I think it is fucking awesome! This may seem like a strange post but I am watching ‘Seven’ and realised I haven’t done a film post and I have had this blog a week! I know shame on me! I will rectify this now.

  1. David Fincher- He is just an amazing director, the way he creates meanings and the performances he gets out of his actors! Just love him. Other films by him are ‘Fight Club’ and ‘The Social Network’.
  2. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman- Not only is he hot he is also a very talented actor. That sentence was about Brad Pitt the next sentence is about Morgan Freeman. Not only is he an amazing actor but his voice is just wonderful. When I die and my life flashes before my eyes Morgan Freeman will be narrating it. The way that they work together is very good as well. Actually the whole cast are fantastic.
  3. The actual plot. The basic premise is that a series of murders happen that Freeman and Pitt have to solve them. Sounds normal like but soooo good. I can’t explain it well without giving it away so WATCH IT! WATCH IT NOW!
  4. The twist. I will say no more but watch it. The twist is just so smart and ahhhhhhh!
  5. The ending has haunted my nightmares ever since I first watched it but in a good way. If that makes sense?
  6. The music by Howard Shore is beautiful and scary and beautiful and haunting and beautiful and spine tingling and did I mention it was beautiful?
  7. This may sound strange but the way that it looks. The colours, the shots and the setting. I do love the way it looks, it’s so grubby and dark.

Anyhoo I love this film and I think you all should too! *manic fan-girling laughter*


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