“But it doesn’t make sense…”

This is a Shakespeare post. A post on Shakey.The Spearer of Shakes. A post about….Shakespeare.

The ultimate thing about understanding the language of Shakespeare is to immerse yourself in it. Watch lots of film versions, watch performances of the play and read lots of the plays. I have found that the more I have read and exposed myself to Shakespeare, not in a dirty way, I have found his language a lot easier to understand. While there are still times my brain goes “whaaaaa” those times have lessened and now happen fairly rarely.

If the brain is still confused by the elaborate and almost alien language used there are many resources to look at. The Arden Shakespeare collection for example, there are helpful glossaries and references at the bottom of each page. I have found them to be an amazing aid to the more complex plays like ‘King Lear’. The internet is also an invaluable source for you to venture through. Simply, google is a God send. You just need to type ‘Act 1 Scene 1 of ….. explained’ and you get tons of results. There are videos on Youtube that can also aid understanding. People want you to understand Shakespeare so just have a quick look and you will be knocked over with all the information that will fly at you.

Shakespeare wrote in a different time and so the language can be difficult but some modern plays have difficult language. When I first read ‘Saved’ by Edward Bond I got so confused because it is written in a colloquial, London type accent that I don’t ever really hear.

I hope this has helped and not just stated the obvious.

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