LAMDA Acting Exams

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts is a very prestigious drama and through them you can do various exams, like solo acting or public speaking. I have been doing acting exams for about 4 years. I started by doing duologue’s my first year with a friend from my drama club and for the past 3 years I have been doing solo acting exams. This post is about the pros and cons of them.

I have found these exams to be absolutely amazing. At times I have wanted to tear my hair out due to having to know not only the lines but introductions and ridiculously obscure facts about the writers and their back stories the opportunity to discover new playwrights and practice, you know, performing under pressure has lead me to believe these exams are incredibly useful to all people who want to progress onto a drama school or acting course. That is a bold statement yes but it is something I believe.

Monologues are a rather important part of auditions for drama schools and acting courses, doing these exams has allowed me to practice the art of monologuing which is rather useful. Not meaning to repeat this but these exams have introduced me to some amazing playwrights like Alan Ayckbourn, Lucy Gannon and Mark Schultz.

A small negative, as there was always going to be, is that with any judgement of an acting performance is the opinion of the examiner. Some people don’t like a certain style of acting. Some people may just take an immediate dislike to you. You may even just have a bad day. These are all possibilities that you open yourself up to when you do any performance but when you are being marked out of a certain number…these are a lot more dangerous.

During an acting exam you are marked out of ‘Interpretation’ for 40 marks, ‘Technique’ for 40 marks and ‘Knowledge’ for 20 marks.

I think this covers it all and I hope this was helpful to you. I personally think that all the negatives are obliterated by the positives of doing these exams. I have loved them and have enjoyed them no end.


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