Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (Central) 2014

I freaking love this school and had such a good day at the auditions, seriously audition there!!!!

What to prepare: 

Right Central have a list of Shakespeare monologues that you need to choose from. Don’t go off the list and make sure that you pick and learn two of them in full. The next thing you need is a modern monologue again of two minutes in duration, they will stop you if you go over the time limit. Okay now this is where is it weird, you need to prepare two songs (one musical with sheet music ready and one non musical without sheet music) and be prepared to sing them but you may not be asked to sing them….weird I know but it is what they do. I know people who put Musical Theatre last who had to sing and people who put Musical Theatre first and didn’t sing.

The Actual Day: 

Central run the first round of auditions like so, everyone attends a workshop, panel and a tour in the morning, then some people are kept behind in the afternoon for further work while a majority of the people are sent home. You get a warm up run by a member of staff before all the day properly starts and it was strange but fun even if there was like a hundred of us doing this in a room that was far too small. The panel is where you present your monologues (Shakespeare first and then modern) and you perform them in front of your group, don’t worry just watch enjoy watching everyone else and give it your best shot because you are all feeling shit scared it isn’t just you. The workshop is brilliant!! The workshop I attended asked my group (all girls! GO C1!) to be walking around the space and then we would get new things we could do like ‘have a moment with someone you pass’ or ‘pretend you are on a grid’ or ‘include different levels in your walking’, this was so much fun and everyone just let go and went with what they felt. Then the workshop progressed to ‘be the colour red’, ‘be a match that has just been struck’ and ‘be the sound of drowning’. The workshop also incorporated our Shakespeare monologues, we were put in twos or threes of people who knew the same pieces then we had to present them as if we were the same person all speaking it. The results were wonderful and it gave the monologues a more comic element and made them easier to understand. Cressida became two gossip girls and Portia from Merchant of Venice became three sisters bickering over the same guy. On to the tour….I have a confession because my group didn’t go on the tour, we went up to an empty room and played games with our lovely student rep Tamsin. We had all been on it before so I shall tell you what I remember. It is a labyrinth but a magical one with no big Minotaur lurking around the corner. The studios are beautiful, big and airy. The cafe is tiny but you can easily just go somewhere close by because it is in the centre of everything, there were big windows everywhere I went and oh my days it was so pretty, I bloody love London.

Then it was time to lunch. You get about an hour before you have to be back for the big reveal and some people went to the shop but others already had lunch with them.

Everyone is sat in the first room we are bought into and we are all chatting until the lady who ran our warm up walks into the room carrying all the folders with our sheets in them. She read out the names of people the panel wanted to see again, it was about two people from each group or ten or twelve AND SHE CALLED MY NAME!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! After I was remembering how to breathe I noticed I was recalled with the amazing girl who went just before me and then I thought “bollocks, I ain’t that good” but covered it with my usual nervous smile. Once everyone had left we were told what we had been recalled for and put into new smaller groups, I was recalled for the Acting part of the Pathway (there is the Acting bit, Musical Theatre and Collaborative and Devised Theatre section of the Acting Pathway). Now my group of five went up to meet a new panel of 4 tutors or professionals, one man observing the auditions and a current second year. We were lead in a short warm up by one of them (Mary I think she was called) and then we were asked to perform our second Shakespeare, I was first. Yay. That was an attempt at sarcasm. My second Shakespeare was Portia from The Merchant of Venice’. They said they would stop you and I was stopped about three lines in. They asked me a few questions like ‘what was I saying?’, ‘who was I saying it too?’ and ‘where did I picture the boxes to be?’. The second year, Eugene (I think was his name), became Bassinio and I had to do it again, they gave me more direction and then do it again. Then I forgot my line and they said “that is alright we have seen enough”. I knew I had just failed which sucks because I had to watch the other four people in my group give amazing performances even if they had to be beaten out by the very intimidating but amazing tutor called Karen on my panel, for real I think I am in love with her.

And that was it, I was done by quarter to 4 and now had to wait till 7 to catch my coach home because I had one booked for 3 and another booked for 7 just in case.


I got rejected.

Overall notes and feelings: 

I love this school. I love the atmosphere it gives off, I love the people, I love the alumni, I love the location and there is just something in me that says ‘YES!!!!!’. You know how people talk about how you need to really love a school or university? Well this is my ultimate love, my favourite child, my blockbuster film and West End hit all rolled into one. I am really sad about this but you know how it is. Can’t sit around crying so I put in my exercise DVD and went to town on it!!


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