London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) 2014

This is a big school so I was scared but my God it was lovely!

What to prepare: 

You get sent an email with all the information on and I think it was the most helpful email I have received from any drama school. It made good suggestions, stated some obvious things that so many people ignore and was just generally quite a pleasant read. LAMDA’s audition process is also quite….I think ‘kind’ is the best word. You have the first round and then if they feel that they didn’t see you at your best they will invite you to a re-do of the first round (second round) that is NOT a recall. You do a repeat of the first round (you will see soon why I mention this now). Then there is of course the recall stage. You need an Elizabethan era speech and a modern speech neither of which can be over three minutes long.

The Actual Day: 

My audition was at 12.30 so I got there for 12. One thing that I noticed straight away is that the main entrance is right on a very busy, noisy road but as soon as you get in that noise is gone! Bloody loved it. You sign in with some nice students then go down to the common room to wait to be called. The common room was a strange place, nice but slightly too empty but there was a nice atmosphere from everyone talking. I got chatting to a lovely lady who was there for the second round thing (now you see why I mentioned it!) and we were having a good old chin-wag about auditions and what her uni course was like.Then I was called. I went up to the first floor to do my speechy bit with another girl who went in first. While she, Olivia, was performing I waited outside with a current student and we were chatting about the RADA atmosphere, having to really like the atmosphere of the school, the importance of life experience and just general chitchat then I went in to the room. The room was a nice airy space with two ladies called Kirstie and Mandy sat behind a table. They asked me what pieces I was doing then told me where to stand/where to not coming any more forward then I began. I did my modern which went very well I think then my Shakespeare which was shocking! Bye bye speech panel, hello interview! This is another thing about the LAMDA process I like, they give you a little interview with a member of the admission panel and an ex-student to find out more about you which feels like they actually care. They ask you general questions like “where else have you applied?”, “how will you fund the course?”, “what will you do if you don’t get in anywhere this year?” and it is also your opportunity to ask them questions. Then you are done!


It begins with an ‘R’ and ends in ‘ejected’.

Overall notes and feelings: 

I left feeling mixed about how I actually did but I loved the school and all the people in it. It had a nice vibe to me. The result does make me sad because I do love the school but there is nothing to do to change it this year. LETS BUCK UP AND KEEP ON SMILING AND SEND IN APPLICATIONS!

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