Nope this is not a post about lust and songs that you can sing about lust, as fun as that post would be to write, this post is about Philip Ridley. I did however feel the song was appropriate ‘cos that man likes the controversial subjects.

I recently read “The Pitchfork Disney” and I had no idea what to expect. None. Zilch. Zero. Not a fucking clue. To be honest with you, I was a little confused at first but, you know, intrigued. As the play went on I started to like his style of writing and approach to subjects more and more. I loved and hated the characters he was creating because I found them either annoying but somehow endearing (please don’t ask me how) or absolute dicks but entertaining. Some of the storied recounted by characters are truly revolting and yet I kept on reading, just like if this was being performed I would keep on watching. Something about the way Ridley writes is magical. I would really recommend you read this play if you haven’t already.

I looked for a clip on Youtube that would truly express my love for the play but sadly I didn’t find anything that I thought did it justice. I have attached a video of Nathan Stewart-Jarrett talking about the play in an interview he did when he was performing it because he is far more eloquent than me. Some of it may not be of interest but I enjoyed it. I found it on youtube and all rights go to ‘StageWon’. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett interview

I am currently halfway through “The Fastest Clock in the Universe” by Ridley and I am seeing how distinctive his style is. I am yet again enjoying this play immensely and find myself entranced but repulsed by the characters and their lives. I can only hope the play carries on this way and that the other plays I am planning on reading by Philip Ridley will not disappoint.

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