EDINBURGH 2014!!!!!

This is so late but I have been very busy, sorry!

This post will be me telling you about the shows I saw/whittering on for a long time about nothing.Whilst we were up there we also had to do a scavenger hunt in teams so that is why some days I saw either very few shows or none. ENJOY THIS VERY LONG POST!

Oh and the dates are in English style (day/month/year) if you care at all.

We arrived, we set up camp and then we ventured into Edinburgh. This Canadian comedian started off REALLY well and whilst his show was still funny at the end, the first half was by far the better half. But nah at £8.50 I was happy. If you get the chance go and see this guy.

These three were amazing! They are a comedy trio that usually do sketchy type comedy in a linear manner…if that makes sense? Anyhoo, people saw them last year and said they were really good so we went along. This show was about them doing their solo shows but still as a trio. The highlights were a small white ginger man doing his Nelson Mandela impression whilst the Irish one sang the Lion King to the disbelief of ginger. The best bit though was the sweet Irish one who was dead set on being a burlesque dancer and taking off his trousers…in my face…slightly awkward but still very funny.


Right this bloke mistook me for a man in my first year of Edinburgh so I ain’t keen on him. He had funny moments but I cannot forget or forgive. Funny bloke though and for £5 I couldn’t complain too much.

Very eye opening. It was a show about Tourettes and the lady who created it had Tourettes and during rehearsals if she said something then it was in the show, for example one of her ticks was “Keith Chegwin is dead!” and “biscuits” was also common. It really made me think because whilst it was funny there were some stories she told that made me quite sad and not pity her but realise how horrid our society could be. One time she went to a show, spoke to the theatre and speaker about her condition before and told she could come, and had to watch the second half from the sound booth behind the stage because during the interval people had complained. They complained even though she had sat at the back and there had been an announcement at the start. Anyhoo, was quite good and we got biscuits 🙂

Words cannot describe my love for this show. IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE. Everything was so en pointe and I was just there like ‘wow‘. The actors were impeccable, it was quite a physical show with a lot of mime and physical theatre, all of them were like BOOM! Perfect control over their bodies and they played musical instruments along with the action of the show. One lady had a cello and it was hauntingly beautiful. It wasn’t just the actors that were spectacular either, every element of the show was brilliant from lighting and sound to the set and so on. GO AND SEE A SHOW BY THIS COMPANY!!!!!! You will not regret seeing a show like that.


This comedian was very good, had some good jokes and was very good at revisiting some of them. I really enjoyed this even though the venue was boiling and I was exhausted.

I am in love with this man. He was bloody hilarious! We were all pretty tired at this point but we were still laughing along quite happily to his various poems and French take on life. Go and see him.I am pretty sure he is touring at the moment so go and Google him!

SPINE 7/8/14
This was a really excellent one woman show. The story was really good and the actress was impeccable (Rosie Wyatt). My only thing was it was slightly long. No matter how good one person is, it can be a bit tiresome to just hear them chatting at you for an hour and a half or so.

I think I may have to cheat on Marcel to marry this woman. This was a character/comedienne who was a rock star off the rails going pop. Her songs and the general chat were all really fun and this time it was pointed out I look really young and petition was started to get me a fake id…I didn’t mention that I was already 18. Nah, she was really funny and I now have a badge saying “Save the Japseye”…go and see the show and it will all make sense.

This was quite a weird show. It was this bloke on stage, dressed like Jesus and nailed to a cross and you could ask him questions. Our show was really good because there were a few slightly drunk people that made it really funny. I quite enjoyed this show and the bloke was really nice so yeah brownie points.

ROOM 8/8/14

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! This was cool. This was a one audience member per show thing and you were blindfolded and then led into a room. Once in the room you heard voices saying that you were going to tell a story and you had to join in. All the stories start with “You are in a car, you look out the window, what do you see?” It was really fun and certainly a new experience because you are blindfolded the entire time and hear all these voices and they had some ‘props’ to make sounds as well.


This was a surprisingly weird/good/thought provoking show. It was a show with 6 men, all dressed in suits, recounting the stories of women on various subjects like body hair, sex, clubbing and work. As each story was told the men would be stripped to their undies by the others and then disappear behind a mirror. The play ended with the men re appearing with make up on and the mirrors hiding their bodies. They also had music that they sang. It was really heart wrenching at times whist it also made me laugh a lot.

I love this play but I wasn’t keen on this production of it. The Simon Stephens play has three scenes (all duologues) and they all sort of link but not too obviously. The way this was set up was quite nice three rooms, first scene in one room then travel through second room into third then back to first, hopefully that makes sense to you. I just really didn’t like one of the actors in the first scene and then the second scene was slightly weird because the actress was so young when the character in the play is meant to be older. I dunno I just wasn’t keen.

DRACULA 8/8/14
Yes. Same company that did ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Yes. Not only was it really good and steam punky but the acting was good, the music was amazing with the actors playing instruments and singing live but also Dracula was FINE. So yep, said all I need to say on this one. I was happy.

Saw this because someone who used to be in our drama group was in it but it was okay. He was good the rest was shit. Some good physical theatre in it though. There was one girl who kept putting in SO MUCH effort that she spat all over herself and the front row….I was in the front row. That may have coloured my reaction to the show.

THE RUBY DARLINGS (Free show and can’t remember when I saw them)
These were two ladies who did funny songs about various things but the main one stuck in my head is ‘Say No To Anal’. They were not only very good singers but were also very funny. Below is a video from Youtube of ‘Say No To Anal’ and their official Youtube channel.


To sum up….

Yeah it was a very good year up there. Had a lot of fun and saw a lot of really good shows. I am now very excited for 2015!

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