Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2015

20th November 2014.

Up in Glasgow so I flew up with my mum from Bristol Airport and the fare wasn’t too much so a good travel option.

What to prepare: 

You need to have a modern monologue (20th/21st century is their recommendation) and a Shakespeare piece. They prefer you to do a verse monologue rather than a prose monologue in the Shakespeare section. You get sent an email with all this info and more on it. I found the school to be quite good in this respect.

The actual day: 

I had an audition time of 11.30am so I got there at 11am. I had a little trouble finding the right reception. If you go to the bottom of the main entrance stairs and head right you will see a door, go in this door and turn right and head straight and then left. If you do get confused the staff are really nice and understanding so have no fear of asking where to go. Anyhoo, I got there and was told to wait outside and met 2 of the other people at my audition slot; weirdly both were from the Netherlands and had met each other previously on the audition prep course (they only had good words for this course so take note). We were quite quickly taken up to wait outside the audition room by a second year acting student (Charlotte) who was very happy to chat, conversations varied from other auditions to the course to the amount of fearful line learning she had to do for playing Rosalind in her first public performance at the school. There was another girl in our group who was late and had to go straight in as she arrived so again I will say PLAN FOR DELAYS, GET THERE FUCKING EARLY SO YOU CAN HAVE SOME CHILL TIME. I am not saying wait in the building for ages but be around the school so you are close by and can get there in good time. I was last in my group. I went in and was greeted by a nice lady with two more people on the panel, a man and a woman. They shook my hand and told me not to be nervous and which piece I would start with. I went for my Shakespeare and then my modern. We then had a little interview and I got asked what I was up to, what the art scene was like where I live and weirdly what the population was….I don’t fucking know! Weird interview and my pieces I felt went okay but were not that brilliant and my Shakespeare was not a verse so not my best audition. I felt like a nitwit.

Then you have time to go to lunch whilst they draw up the list (they have a cut before the afternoon session) and I ran into some people from my group so I hung out with them till the tour. The tour was good, good school, nice facilities, all very communal and I loved it.


My name was not on the list and I got a notification from CUKAS saying I got totally rejected today. Sometimes they like to stab your dreams twice it appears.

Overall feelings and notes: 

I really liked it here and the vibes were nice. I especially liked the students because they all seemed very nice and normal, not even slightly pompous or bitchy. I was really disappointed when I got rejected in the morning but I will re-audition there in a heartbeat. Glasgow is nice as well. I did learn from this though. I learnt that after a rejection don’t sit down, move! When you sit down you start to wonder about everything and think about what you did bad or the like and you brain just gets dragged into darkness. So get up and move after you get out down as it will be easier this way.

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