Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (Central) 2015

15th December 2014.

I auditioned here last year so had a little idea of what would happen but I shall go through everything as if it was new. If you are interested in my account of my audition last year here is the link-

What to prepare: 

Righty, you need two Shakespeare monologues from the list on the website ( and you need a modern speech from 1960 or more recent which must be less than two minutes in length. You also need two songs one from a musical with sheet music and one from anywhere which you don’t need sheet music for. Even if you don’t really want to do Musical Theatre in the slightest just have them ready so that you can just go BOOM! and be prepared. You may not be asked to sing or you may have to sing either one of them so just go in ready. PASSPORT SIZED PHOTO WITH YOUR NAME CLEARLY WRITTEN ON THE BACK, this is a simple little thing that you will need for a couple of others as well so just get a few done and then you are set.

The actual day: 

Started on a bad note, I got on the wrong tube. So my first tip is to sort out your tubes before hand and know which ones you are getting on. I arrived at the school at 8.55am with the call time being 9am, I almost shat myself. Anyhoo I got my forms and filled them out as asked with my name, date of birth, my speeches and the first line of each speech. You will be given three forms and make sure you fill in all three of them, it is not a thick piece of paper it is three sheets. I made a few friends whilst waiting for the sheets and pictures to be collected then we did a vocal and body warm up with a lovely woman called Sinead. The fire alarm went off twice though and we had to go and wait outside for a little bit which was quite chilly but again we all chatted amongst ourselves and were content.

After we came back inside we were put into our groups, Central audition LOADS of people on each day so you are split into about 10 groups of about 12. My group was lovely, our second year student was called Will who was on the CDT course and one of the people in my group was at my Royal Scottish audition so it was nice to already have a friend. The morning is split into three parts with a tour, the monologue panel and the workshop, I had my morning in that order. The tour was nice but I had already seen a lot of it as I have visited a Central open day. The panel is good because you watch everyone else performing and I must say I felt that some of the people in my group were fantastic but some had one piece much stronger than the other and some were just not that great. I have done a post on what I witnessed last year at the audition and I am going to do another post after my Royal Welsh audition because there you perform in front of everyone as well so watch this space for that. I felt my pieces went well and when I went to sit down I was happy if a little worried about a few too many pauses in my Shakespeare (Goneril from King Lear) but nah overall I was alright with them. The workshop was typical drama school wank that you always have to do “be the colour yellow”, “be a whale”, “be a pot of ink”…not really my cup of tea but I tried. Then we all broke for lunch. Had a nice lunch with most of the group down in Costa, not that that was of any importance to you but I was happy.

After lunch all the auditionees are called back to the big room that you start the day in and this is a shock because you realise just how many people are auditioning and this is just one of many days! Anyhoo, they go through all the folders and lists of each group and if your name is called they want to see you for the afternoon. If you are not called then toodles and it basically means you’re rejected but they always say it doesn’t mean that, it does I am afraid. My name was not called and I was upset because I love the school and what makes it worse was (not to sound too bitchy) but the two from my group they recalled I didn’t think were the best so I dunno it just irked me a little more than it should have. So I had to do the walk out of the room and school and get back on the tube to catch my coach home. At least on the way home I got on the right tube lines.


REJECTED REJECTED RE RE REJECTED. Got my UCAS notification so it is all official.

Overall feelings and notes: 

You know gutted but I came to a really happy resolve after this second gut wrenching rejection of my second year. I am just going to perform for me, fuck what they are looking for  what I think they are looking for, I am going to walk out of each of these rooms feeling I did my best and if they like it YAY and if they don’t alright then see you next year ladies and gents…or not if the school isn’t to my taste. The school however is one of my favourites and if I am auditioning next year it will be a sure fire one and I would recommend you audition there as well as it is one of the nicest audition experiences you can have.


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