Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama 2105

16th January 2015.

First year auditioning here and oh my God I think I am in love! It is a lovely school and location and just B-E-A-UT-IFUL! I will get back to this at the end though and I shall crack onto the actual shizzle.

What to prepare: 

You need two speeches, a modern speech and either an Elizabethan or Jacobean piece. Neither piece should be longer than two minutes but watching people it seemed like some people went over that time, I wouldn’t recommend planning to do that though. Speech wise, there were some lovely performances but there was a little overlap of choices and pieces that I know are on lists but there was one girl who did a piece from The White Devil so this is a different piece perhaps? I shall do more research and I would recommend you do the same ladies!

The actual day: 

My audition time was 11.15am so I had planned my journey well and got parked up near the college by 10am. You are told this in the email but the college has no parking for auditionees but there is some parking opposite that you can use that is pay and display.  Wandered over at about half past and went to main reception (very easy to find when you go through the door) and was asked to wait in main entrance area. At damn near bang on quarter past a member of admission staff came to get us and we went up to a little studio and were given a little chat about general stuff, there were 10 of us in total. We got given 15 minutes to warm up and we were all chatting and warming up and there was a nice lot of people of various ages and backgrounds which was really nice. The three members of the panel came in and we all sat down in two rows facing each other (you all watch each other when you audition) and they were AMAZING!!!! I genuinely loved them all, they were all lovely, warm and funny. They really wanted us to be relaxed and happy which, as I have said before, is something I always look for in a drama school. I believe if they treat the thousands of auditionees they have well then they will treat the few people they choose really well. Anyway, the order is alphabetical order based on surnames and it took about 1 hour and a half from getting picked up from the entrance to leaving the room. Overall the people in my group were all REALLY good, like REALLY REALLY REALLY good. It was really nice to watch and see all of their differences and what they did well and what was good about them as individuals. I will say that don’t try and do what someone else is doing just because you think that it worked well for them, different person and different speech, just stick with what you rehearsed and let your instincts guide you.


Rejected. It sucks. However, the rejection email is the nicest rejection email I have ever received so some positives.

Overall feelings and notes:

Love this school and I will be re auditioning next year if I have to do a 3rd year of auditions. Just about everything you look for in a school I found here. Very sad I got rejected but heyho just need to pick up and move on.

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