London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) 2015

17th January 2015.

I wasn’t 100% sure of my opinion on this school (or at least that is how I looked back on it) so I re-auditioned to try and firm up my opinion because it is an excellent school. Here is my experience from last year if you are interested-

What to prepare: 

Here you need two speeches again, a modern and an Elizabethan speech. In the email stuff and on the website there is some advice which is a good idea to follow. There is no list for classical speeches so try and do something a little different; take a risk, if it can even be viewed as one.

The actual day:

My audition was at 4.15pm so I drove up with my dad for about 2pm so I could go to Royal Court and buy some new plays (really excited to read them but they are for a separate post).  Just a little note on parking, there is free parking around the residentially areas on the weekend but you have to pay on weekdays but there was some nice availability when we were there. I got back to LAMDA for about 3.50pm and got in with no door hassle this time!! I HAVE MASTERED THE ART OF DOORS! Only took me 19 years! I got ushered into the common room which was full of young kids doing there LAMDA exams but I was sat with 2 other audition people and we got chatting about general shizzle and it was quite nice, I felt relaxed and the current students were happy to talk and one of them told us about how he auditioned for drama schools for 6 years but got in on his first audition at LAMDA which was a nice story to hear. I got taken to wait outside the audition room with one of the people I was waiting with and another older woman who was also auditioning joined us soon after. I quite like it when there is a larger mix of ages at an audition, it just changes the conversations you have slightly which can sometimes be very welcome! I went in to the room with two panellists, a younger man and an older woman, we had a brief chat about my pieces and the set up, we had a bit of a giggle about my age and the fact I look like an infant. Did my pieces which I think went quite well, not perfect but definitely not the worst I have ever done them…always a positive feeling to have when leaving an audition haha! Then we had another chat about what I was up to and I told them about how I help with the younger class at my drama club. Left and went to the interview and HOLY FUCK just realised how long this is getting!! Will be quick! Interview was lovely, lovely youngish people (two graduates and a member of the admission staff) who asked me what I was up to, funding ideas, any questions I had and where else I had applied. Left and in total I was in there for between 45 minutes and an hour.


I got rejected but they have offered me an audition for the One Year Foundation Diploma but there is no funding and it is £11,900!!!! Not sure what I will do with this information but I am discussing it with my parents and all that and will keep you up to date. May just audition because the chances of getting in to that course are still pretty damn minimal.

Overall notes and feelings: 

I really liked the school and it is nice to not just get a flat out “FUCK NO” after so many, it feels a little like a very slim and fragile olive branch that may turn out to be a rose covered in very sharp thorns. Loved the audition and I felt happy there. All a little mysterious(ish) I feel now but definitely more towards the happy side.

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