Rose Bruford 2015

14th January 2015.

I really love Rose Bruford for not only its course and site but also the students all seem so genuinely lovely! Auditioned here last year as well though so if you are interested here is last years post-

What to prepare: 

You need a Shakespeare and a modern, both under two minutes and as this school doesn’t have a list of Shakespeare try and find one that isn’t on a list.

The Actual Day: 

I quite like Rose Brufords audition day because you get a good look at the school and you meet some students and it feels like they give a shit which is always a lovely thing to feel in a nerve wrecking situation. Anyhoo I digress, the audition days goes as you all meet in the cafeteria which is a little cramped but it does help you too see who is auditioning and get a feel for the school. I got chatting to a few people and it seemed quite relaxed and then David (from the emails) comes in and introduced us to the students who would take us on our tour. I feel shit because I have forgotten their names but they were lovely and funny and they were happy to answer questions and chat. The tour is pretty standard but I love the campus because it doesn’t feel cramped and it feels like you could discover loads of awesome places to do stuff and they have lots of spaces where they do classes and presentations outside so it is really exciting and different! After the tour you go in to have a quick talk with David and whoever is on your panel, we had Pete (I believe that was his name) he is a movement teacher and he was very welcoming. Then we found out our order and they order you alphabetically by your first name, this should give you an idea(ish) of where you will be on the list. I was in the bottom quarter. You wait for your audition in the cafeteria and one of the students comes to get you in threes and waits with you while the other sits on your panel. This year my waiting experience was MUCH nicer, I had nice people to talk to and I felt much better. I went over to my audition feeling okay but obviously slightly nervous.

My actual audition I feel was mixed, I feel like my modern was good but my Shakespeare was shakey which really pissed me off and I accidentally said “fuck” which has never happened before. I was so embarrassed.


Rejected but then sadly I expected this. Sucks but just pick up and move forward.

Overall notes and feelings:

Love this school and the campus but I always seem to muck up the audition. I dunno I really like this school and it has some wonderful teachers and course elements but I am just not 100% sure. I shall revisit this school next year but I don’t know if this is a definite for next year. I am just not sure. Not the best note to leave this post on but it is the honest ending so deal with it…I have to!

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