Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) 2015

24th January 2015.

I like this school and it has a nice programme (I especially love its theatre, so beautiful) but I am just not sure which is a bit annoying but it is how I feel so meh deals. Auditioned here last year so here is the post from that-

What to prepare: 

The audition process had changed from last year so I will go into a nice bit of detail here. You have to have a modern from after 1945 and they have a list of Shakespeare that you can choose from so you know simple enough. Now the complicated bit, you have to devise a 2 minute piece of theatre by yourself incorporating either 2 chairs and an alarm clock or a chair, a table and a roll of wallpaper. The piece has to be based on a recent news story. The devising was slightly daunting but a lot of fun, just go for it and try out something. I will be doing a separate post on this, just a little short one though so don’t worry. No singing in first round.

The actual day: 

I had a morning session so I arrived at LIPA a little before 9am which is when registration opened. I travelled to Liverpool the day before and stayed in a hotel to minimise stress on the actual day. We were led into a studio theatre (can’t remember the name I am such a nitwit) and we got the welcome speech as well as the time of our individual audition, workshop and optional tour. I had my individual audition at 10am then workshop at 11.30am followed by tour. Not my favourite order but I had to deal with it. The group A (my group) went over to a separate building because they are a little short of space at the moment due to some renovations whilst group B went on their tour. There were two panels and you would see one with either the head of acting or head of foundation course. I had the lady who is head of foundation with an ex student and another member of the acting staff. We had a brief chitchat and then they asked me the order I would do my pieces (modern, Shakespeare, devised) and then given the go ahead. Speeches went okay and I did my devised and got a nice reaction but heyho can’t really know about it till you get the email through. Went back to the waiting room after my audition and sat with some nice people and we chatted until it was time for the workshop. This was a lot of fun did a few name games and pass the clap (a literal clap not ‘The Clap’, there was no sex in the workshop). Then we did an improvisation in 3s with A coming back from travelling for 6 months to their best friend and flat mate B only to find out B has let C move in. Then we took it to a new level by giving each of us a motive (A’s (me) was to try and get C to want to leave) and we redid the exercise and noted the differences. After that we took it a step further and got given tactics (A’s was to play the victim to get C to want to leave) and we then noted the differences again. After that the hour was over and we moved onto the tour with a current third year acting student. Tour is pretty self explanatory and similar to the one on the open day but I would still recommend going on it for you know shits and giggles. Then the day was done all before 1pm.


Well this was unexpected, I got a recall. I was sat on the loo (I am such a lady!) and checking my emails and it was a recall invite!!! I shouted “WHAT THE FUCK?” multiple times very loud, my father was concerned. So my recall is on 15th February and I have a show on the 14th till about 9.30pm and it takes me about 4 hours to get up to Liverpool…gunna be a long night!

Overall notes and feelings:

Surprised and not sure. LIPA is not my favourite school and I am really not sure how I feel about it, happy I got a recall but I was sort of okay with a rejection. I sound like a spoiled brat and that irks me but I will just do my best.


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