LIPA Recall (2015)


15th February 2015.
This was a long day and not in a good way. I shall begin.

What to prepare:
You need to have a musical theatre song of 2 minutes length prepared for the potential afternoon session and still have your monologues good.

The actual day:
You have to be registered by 9am and so I travelled up the night before but because I had a show that evening we didn’t set off until 10pm or arrive just outside Liverpool till 12.30am. Up and at LIPA by 8.20am I walked in and registered getting my group assignment and an outline of the day. We would have 4 workshops of about 40 minutes in the morning in Voice, Acting, Acting for screen and Movement. I had mine in that order and there were 4 groups of between 17 and 20. The workshops were almost exactly the same as last year except for the Acting for Screen which was a nice new challenge even if it is was slightly daunting. My group was lovely and I noticed improvements in myself that weren’t there last year which was nice. We went to lunch and chatted, a lot of people were on their second year of auditions this year which is amusing because last year it was a lot of firsts with me. Heyho. Called up to the room for the afternoon cut. 3 groups were called to different rooms, my name wasn’t called and we got the whole ‘it doesn’t mean a rejection we have just seen enough’ speech but I am expecting a rejection. Little gutted but I think that is mostly because I was exhausted, a week-long run of shows with two shows on Saturday followed by little sleep and some stress does leave you a little fragile and tired. Off I headed home at 1.15pm and a journey that should have taken 3 hours took 11 hours due to road works and a broken car. It was a very long day.


Rejection but I was both expecting it and not all that saddened by it. Looking back now all this time past, almost two months now, I still feel the same.

Overall notes and feelings:

This is a great school and the staff are on the whole lovely, Liverpool is nice and all that jazz but going back this year I don’t really want to go back so I probably won’t audition at LIPA next year.

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