LAMDA Foundation Diploma (2015)

29th March 2015.
I originally auditioned for the BA but they suggested I audition for the Foundation Diploma. I will link a the bottom my BA audition for anyone interested.

What to prepare:

You need two monologues if you are entering as an actor, one classical and one modern and both under two minutes. The BA gives you 3 minutes I think so if you are doing what I did (transferred application from BA entry for FD entry) check the length of your speeches. You can enter this course with various ideas of hat you want to take to study further so read the list of things you can do for entry like a design of a set or something, you get sent it well before the audition.

The actual day:

My audition time was 2.45pm so my Dad and I left in good time and we were parked up a 2 minute walk away before 2.10pm. I wandered over to the school for half past so I had a relaxed journey there unlike some of my other auditions *cough*Central*cough*.  Walked in with no door trouble, I have had some trouble with the LAMDA doors before, and gave my name to the student at the desk and went into the room I had my interview in the last two times I have been there. There were about 12 of us waiting and it felt tense but it always does with that sort of number because in the layout of the room it didn’t promote little splinter groups but establishing a conversation with that many people is hard in the tense atmosphere. I got called up with two other people and conversation was a lot easier between us and the current second year. I was second to go in and I introduced myself and my pieces,  managed to fuck up and call my character Rosalind like As You Like It rather than Rosaline in Love’s Labour’s Lost…what a twat! We had a giggle and then I did my two pieces starting with my modern. You are asked to stand further back than most auditions but just don’t go past it (take a few steps back from it so there is no chance of this), it isn’t hard and it shouldn’t affect you that much all you have to do is speak up a little. Modern felt good a my Shakespeare felt meh but not a in an atrocious way. I went to do my interview and I could feel my face going so red and I went so West Country at points which I only do when I am nervous, not my best interview. Overall I didn’t think it was anything too brilliant.

On the way home my father and I had a disappointing Harvester lunch.


I was shocked when I got an email two days later saying I had been recalled, wasn’t expecting it at all but very happy. The recall will be sometime in May or early June.

Overall notes and feelings:

I really like LAMDA so I am really excited that I get to spend more time there and whilst I am hopeful you still need to remember this course is just as competitive as the BA.


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