Drama Centre (2015)

17th April 2015.

What to prepare:

You have to do some paperwork before this audition so get it sorted before! You have two forms to fill out, a photo is needed, a 300 word essay on why you are applying to Drama Centre and you can bring a CV if you want. Make sure you have done this in good time, or in other words double check everything two day before the audition and then put them in a safe place and don’t forget them. You also need a verse classical monologue and a modern one but here you can substitute either with a duologue but you will need to bring someone to read the other bit.

The actual day:

My audition time was 12.30pm so I wasn’t in much of a rush but I was around Kings Cross at 11.20pm, one thing is get there in good time so you can orientate yourself ‘cos there are a lot of exits but once you are sorted it is quite simple. The area around the school is being all changed up and is lovely. I walked up to reception and was told to wait for a student to come and get us all. I waited and we got taken up and handed in our paper stuff to the students and were told to sit down and wait till our turn. I waited a while (is there a pattern forming here?) not really talking to anyone as they had all already formed their friendships…I felt a little like a twit but heyho. I went in a little late and on my panel was a lady and a younger man, I did my pieces and then we had a brief chat about a recent show I had seen and I was out to wait for the list that would be up soon. I liked my audition but I didn’t think it was anything special and I was still an awkward fuck in my interview. I had a chat with a girl whilst we waited who had already had a few offers, all the audition people had gathered and there were about 40 or 50 of us waiting for this list; and after a speech about not being disheartened the list was put up. I got my stuff and went to check and on the list was 10 names and mine was one of them. Weird moment.

My time wasn’t till 3.30pm so I had almost two hours to kill so got food and came back with a while to spare. We all got talking and it was a nice atmosphere as we waited. They were running behind so I didn’t go in till about 4pmish and I was last of my panel. I went in and there was the same lady from my first panel but a new bloke (who I found out was also on the RADA panel this year) and a current student, they said they were gong to explore my Shakespeare and we had a brief chat about what was going on in it (Rosaline from Loves Labours Lost) and then the student stepped in as my Biron and I fucked up the end. Then I had to do it a bit more teasing, then as if we were walking round a garden taking in the air and finally add in a few stops to punctuate the words. The man was laughing a lot but all in all I wasn’t sure how the speech went, it improved and I felt more connected to it but I dunno. Then we chatted about what I am doing and briefly about why I didn’t apply to Drama Centre last year and I got asked whose career I would steal. I said I would steal Kathryn Hunters career because even at 5ft she has played such a wide range like King Lear, Cleopatra and an ape playing a human in Kafka’s Monkey, she is a babe. Now to wait for the second list. The student gave us the me speech and up went the list and my name was on it again. Second weird moment and I sort of blanked out everything because I really wasn’t expecting it.

The 4 recalled people gathered around the student and off we went to the workshop. It was slightly daunting at first as we stood in a line in front of about 6 people as they wrote down who we were and how to identify us…the ultimate panel. The panellists took it in turns to lead separate bits like ‘Catch the Click’ with variations, ‘Number Conversations’, ‘Copy the Walk’ and ‘Slow Mo Race’. All in all the workshop was a lot of fun and the other people were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being around them. We were told to expect an email with 3 potential outcomes, an invitation to a recall day, an invite to audition for another of their courses or a rejection. Then we were done and off we all went to the tube.

One thing that I love about Drama Centre is the diversity of the students and the strong sense of community that is promoted. There is some diversity at all drama school auditions but here there was more than I had ever seen in not only race and gender but also in accent and all other forms that people can be different and this was maintained all throughout the day in some way. At the end in the workshop there was me (tiny, white female), a tall white Manchester/Essex boy currently on the East 15 foundation course, a tall black boy from around Manchester and a London girl who has already been to Uni and is currently doing an MA at Central. Another thing is that all of us were in at least our second year of auditioning. I really loved that.

I went to go see ‘Gyspy’ in the evening with my Dad (whose birthday it was and had been doing stuff all day in London) and my aunt who joined us. We were in the upper dress circle 4 rows from the ceiling but oh my days Imelda Staunton killed it! We couldn’t see the very front of the stage but at £33 a piece it was a really good view. All in all a brilliant day and I really loved the teachers and the school.


I GOT RECALLED!!!!! AHHHH *HEAVY BREATHING*!!!! Nice to remember that. The recall day will be soon (probably tonight) but SPOILER ALERT I didn’t get in 😦 Sadness at life.


2 thoughts on “Drama Centre (2015)

  1. Rachael

    That’s so incredible that you got so far! I’m just wondering how long it took for you to find out about the recall? I got through the day but am now anxiously awaiting the result…

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply. Ah well done! This may not even be relevant anymore but thought I would reply anyway. They got back to me really quick, well within a week as I was one of the last first round auditions they had and they were real near the end of their audition process. This is still early so they may leave it a little later. Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your auditions x

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