Drama Centre Recall (2015)

Saturday 2nd May.

What to prepare:

Extra for this you will need a song (there is no specified time or genre for this so choose something you really love) and you are asked to bring sheet music but ours wasn’t used. You will also need to still have your speeches up to scratch or you can prepare a new one, up to you. There is also a sight reading element to the day, but if you are dyslexic you can get it early so don’t worry.

The actual day:

It started at 9am and because I don’t trust public transport or my sense of direction I stayed overnight the evening before so I was there nice and early for 8.40am. I met up with a few other people in the waiting area/lobby/before you need a pass to get in the building. The girl from my first round day was there and I found out one of the people I was talking to was on the East 15 Foundation course and knew one of the blokes from my day and he was recalled as well (YAY FOR US). Anyhoo we had a little talk at about 9.15am ish about the day, we got timetables and split into our groups. There were 22 of us in total and the morning was split into three workshops of 45 minutes so there were three groups of about 7 or 8.

My morning begun with Improvisation, we played a few games like click throwing then miming throwing in different environments (Brazilians passing a football on a beach etc), then we did some improv where the teacher (Roisin) would shout out a location and we had to inhabit it as maybe an animal or a person. I didn’t really click with this class but I don’t know if it was just nerves or not being warmed up. I was not happy with how I did in this workshop. My next workshop was Movement and mother of FUCK this was physically demanding but so much fun, it was weird but brilliant and I can’t really explain it with words. All I can say is ice bath when you get home and expect to be very stiff the next day. My final workshop in the morning was Voice with the lovely Janis. We worked on finding our voice and opening our mouths as well as getting back to childlike breathing and movement of looking up, using your stomach and not setting your jaw. Then we had an hour for lunch.

The afternoon was split into 4, we had three more workshops of 45 minutes each then we showed our speeches and had a Q&A with the staff. There were new groups and it was about 6 per group now. My afternoon began with Sight Reading where we were given a poem and a page from a novel and given about 10 minutes to read through outside on our own and go in in an order we decided, I was second and I feel this went okay, not amazing but not cringe worthy at all. Then we had singing which was fun, the teacher John was lovely and really got the best out of us all. Here I wish I had been more confident but nah all in all happy workshop. Finally I had the speeches workshop on the Shakespeare pieces and we worked through everyone and I learnt a lot about my speech but also about how to perform Shakespeare in general.

In the final session we all came together and performed our speeches in a slightly different way. We were split into groups of 5 put up in the space (we were in the studio theatre they have) and you walked around then someone would start their speech and you all stopped, watched then when they were done you all moved on. This was nice because you could either do it to all the people or just one. I realised watching everyone that they were all amazingly talented and whilst I really wanted to get in I would be happy knowing that if they took people from my day they would be BRILLIANT with LOTS of potential and talent. After the Q&A it was home time.


I got rejected and it hurt but I will work and re-audition.

Overall notes and feelings:

I really like this school, the people, the teaching and the location. I really love it! ‘Nuff said really 🙂 I am maybe a little wary of my not clicking with the Improvisation workshop but I will just have to re apply and see how it works out.


10 thoughts on “Drama Centre Recall (2015)

    1. A couple of people did and I would recommend taking a spare shirt at least. If the session is run by the lady who ran ours everyone will be sweating buckets by the end. Also ice bath when you get home.
      Have lots of fun and good luck!

    1. From what I remember it felt quite swift but it was at least two weeks. I was a really late recall though so it may be quicker or slower with earlier recalls. Do you have one coming up soon? 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah I’ve just had a full day recall and I’m waiting to hear back! But I don’t know how long it takes for them to get back to you

        1. Well done, hope it went well. It is a lot of fun isn’t it. You are still quite early so I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a little while getting back, they probably haven’t accepted many people yet and figuring out what this year will be like. Best of luck 🙂

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I know this was two years ago but I’m wondering, if they didn’t use your sheet music does that mean you sang a capella? (I have my audition coming up) thanks

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