LAMDA Foundation Diploma Recall 2015

12th June 2015.

What to prepare:

It says it is just a movement workshop but make sure your speeches are up to standard as we used them in the second half. Wear clothes you can move in and be warned the room got hot (it was a humid day though so…).

The actual day:

The workshop started at 6pm but I got into London at 2.45pm or so. I had a nice lunch then a wander round a few shops and I was gunna go book shopping but it was closed (the Royal Court bookshop) so I went to the Natural History Museum instead and looked round the animal exhibits. I need to go back though so I can see Sophie the fossil as I went in the wrong entrance, what a twat.

Anyhoo got to LAMDA at about 5.30pm and waited in the common room with the rest of the group; one thing I noticed was the large amount of girls there, honestly there were at least 10 girls and only two boys. A little after 6pm we were given sticky name tags an went into the audition. The panel consisted of two middle aged men, one was a movement teacher while the other was a director/acting coach. The first half was focused mainly on movement and we did a couple of games, stretching type warm ups and then an exercise about moving to music in pairs that I can’t really explain with words without this post getting VERY long so just throw yourself into it and prepare to sweat. We then had a few minutes to drink some water and then we moved onto the second half of the workshop which focused on acting. We did some different improve exercises which tried to bring out instincts and clear decisions that showed a connection with whoever you were with. We did a lot of stuff with text removed or with the text restricted to only a couple of words that were given to us by the tutor. We did some more exercises which focused on being simple and letting the set movements tell the story rather than ‘telling the story’ and then we ended the session with doing our speeches but there was a difference. Our Shakespeare pieces were done in pairs and we had to forget everything we did before with the speeches and just create a dialogue between each other chopping our speeches up and conversing on the spot. It was hard and I lost my lines a little but heyho I kept going. The modern speeches were done as in you went up looked at everyone and only started when something triggered you to start talking. We were then given the opportunity to ask questions and after that we went home at about 8.30pm!


I got an email on Monday saying I am on the waiting list! This is the closest I have come ever!! EEEEEE! On a more serious note I should know for sure by the end of June but I wanted to put this up and the end of June feels ages away, it’s like two weeks but fuck it. Ironically, a friend of mine at my drama club has just got accepted onto the course haha, what a small world.

Overall notes and feelings:

I FREAKING LOVED IT! The teachers were wonderful, I learn a lot but I had so much fun. The course sounds incredible and after being around the teachers I know that LAMDA is the top of my list closely followed by Drama Centre. I had such a great time and I need to go back!! LAMDA is beautiful.


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