And now the end is here.

Well it was a while ago but life has got in the way of me sharing it with you. Soz.

You can probably guess that I got rejected from LAMDA for the Foundation Diploma, which blows major balls, but fear not I remain strong. I got so much closer this year that the idea of giving up hasn’t even crossed my mind. I will keep auditioning and performing and generally being a determined creature. Watch this space.

At the moment I have been doing a lot of shows, someone dropped out with two weeks notice from a show so I took over that and I truly scared/impressed myself with my line learningness. I was iffy about doing it as it was a large part including 3 monologues, 2 accents other than my own and a song. None the less I accepted and it was a wonderful experience that has resulted in new connections with another local theatre company and a tour next year. GO TEAM! This experience taught me to always say yes to opportunities like this, say yes and make it work.

I am currently rehearsing two shows, one of which is being performed on Thursday and the other in the final week of August. I have really branched out and played lots of different people/styles/characters this year and I have learnt from all the shows and I feel like I have grown as a performer.

Finally, Edinburgh is coming up soon but before that I am doing another Stage Combat Workshop, going to see The Jew of Malta and I have various meetings to do with jobs (non-acting but involving performance) and doing my Gold LAMDA exam at last. Exciting times.

P.S. I have found in these more busy times myself wanting to say “I am so tired” or other phrases of the like and I try to catch myself and stop it. I do this because I am doing what I love, I am currently rehearsing everyday and yes it involves early mornings and late nights to fit everything in. However I am so happy that I get these opportunities and experience all of this life. I think that is something we should all think about more. I will happily deal with the lack of sleep, the bruises, the rejection, the lack of social life for this job of my dreams. I love it.

2 thoughts on “And now the end is here.

  1. It sounds like life is going swimmingly for you, at the moment! Maybe not exactly what you anticipated/desired, but you are seizing opportunities in order to do what you love. And that is awesome. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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