Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

Hello sweethearts!

Thought I would do a little post on some shows I saw in Edinburgh this year, not all of them as that would be a stupid length as I saw 21 shows this year. I am very broke now *guilty smile*. I will do some goods shows and a few bad shows. In general though I saw a lot of good shows this year so I have had to be really picky with my good shows.

The good:

  • ‘Now Listen to me Very Carefully’ (Bootworks Theatre)- There was so much audience interaction!! This show was a retelling of Terminator 2 but it was incorporated with the reasons why the show was created and why the man loved the film so much. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I had so much fun and the energy was incredible. It cost me £8 at the Pleasance Courtyard.
  • ‘Institute’ (Gecko)- This was a physical theatre piece and if I could use only one word to describe it the word would be ‘beautiful’. I was confused at points but I liked that as it was like a puzzle that you could put together in a different way to the person next to you…it was an odd puzzle but wow. This cost me £6.25 on a 2 for 1 day at the Pleasance Courtyard.
  • ‘Bruce’- This was a sponge puppet. It was cool but not so much for the story as for the mime and the characters created with a big sponge with some googly eyes. I was entertained and I would recommend it for the puppetry. this cost me £6.25 on 2-4-1 at the Underbelly Cowgate. I also saw ‘Cell’ which involved puppetry at the Underbelly (full price £11) which was moving and a better story but I think they could have done with one more puppeteer, at some points one arm was loose and swinging which is a little distracting.
  • ‘Plague of Idiots’- This was a comedy sketch show which was so silly and funny, I cried with laughter. It was genius and wow! For example, one came on saying they would be doing a piece from Richard the 3rd and he proceeded to say the lyrics to ‘My Humps’ in a Shakespeare voice. This cost me £5 on 2-4-1 at the Gilded Balloon and I would have happily paid £10 for it.
  • ‘Fiction’- This was a very different show and I am still unsure how much I liked it but I wanted to include it as it was so different. It was done in pitch black and we wore headphones and the whole thing was done with audio. The story was a little iffy but at points I found myself curling up into the voice in my ear so it certainly got a reaction from me. This cost me £12.50 at the Pleasance Dome and I think I would have preferred to pay £10.
  • ‘Tom Binns: The Club Sets’- A comedian at last! There were three characters that he played one after the other and they were all en pointe! There was Ian D Montfort the psychic who was both a good magician and funny. Then we had the comedian side of him when he did some ventriloquism and he was hilarious although it dragged a little. Finally there was the hospital DJ who was incredibly inappropriate but hilarious. Not for the faint hearted. This cost me £11 at Assembly George Square Gardens.
  • ‘Incarnadine’- This was a prequel to Macbeth and it was quite interesting. I felt at times it was a little vague and it was merciless in expecting people to know about Macbeth before the play. I put this one up here as I thought the stage combat was INCREDIBLE and I really appreciated that.

The bad:

  • The venue the Pleasance Below- I am putting a venue on here as I saw some good shows here but because it was so warm I very almost fell asleep even though I liked the shows. PUT ON THE AIR CONDITIONING!
  • ‘A+E’ (Hounded)- This was disappointing as these are recent graduates of East 15 and I just found it ridiculous. A few of the performers were okay but the script felt like a convoluted first draft. It felt fake and immature but even worse it felt like the performers thought it was a masterpiece. I feel guilty saying this but it is how I felt. Sorry. This cost me £4.25 on 2-4-1 at the Pleasance Courtyard.
  • ‘Dearly Beloved’ (Lemon Squeeze Productions)- I liked the idea for this show but it is down here as it had stupid things wrong that irked me. There were simple blocking issues that meant at times all I saw was an arse and one of the performers was considerably younger than the others and this showed up all the flaws in their performance I feel. There was also an awkward song, the girl had a nice voice but I felt so awkward watching it as it felt like fake fun. This cost me £7.50 at the Space Niddry.

Other shows I saw were:

  • Zazu: A Fete Worse Than Death- Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Below) £10. 3.5/5
  • Tobias Persson and the Drivel Rights Movement- Stand 6 and we got 4 free tickets and all chipped in for one at £10 as there were five of us so I paid £2.50. 2/5
  • Laughing Stock- Underbelly Cowgate (Delhi Belly) £9.50. 4/5
  • David Elms: Mister Boy- Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Below) we got given free tickets. 3/5
  • The Terrible Tale of the Twiddly Widdlies- Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Below) £4.50 on 2-4-1. 4/5
  • FanFiction Comedy- Assembly George Square Gardens (The Box) £5 on 2-4-1. 4/5
  • Holly Jordan- Just the Tonic £2.50 on 2-4-1. 3.5/5 but beware of shouting.
  • Showstopper! The Improvised Musical- Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance One) £14. 4/5 but varies night to night however I have never heard of them doing a bad show.
  • The Dream Sequentialists: Gardyloo with This Egg- Zoo £7. 3/5
  • Jon Cozart: Laughter Ever After- Underbelly Med Squad (Ermintrude) £9. 4/5
  • Troublesome People- The Quaker Meeting House £7.50. 4/5

Well, that was my Edinburgh. Sorry this was so long but I don’t like to miss stuff out. Also, my next project will be a musical that I am directing which is scary as hell but I am very excited for it. See you soon!


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