2016 Drama School Auditions

The time has come around again for me to start applying to drama schools and it is so exciting! I don’t feel half as nervous about applying this time around, feels weird but heyho! This post will give you a little idea about how I ma prepping and planning for my third year of auditioning, also where I plan to audition and why. Have fun.

This year I am going to take a couple of risks with where I am applying because clearly I hate myself. I am applying for RADA, LAMDA, Guildhall, Central, Mountview, Drama Centre and Royal Welsh. These are different schools as I have very classical schools but also some modern mixed in. I have never auditioned for Guildhall or Mountview and I felt like if I didn’t audition at them I would regret it, they are great schools with great courses so give it a go. Central, LAMDA, Royal Welsh and Drama Centre were a part of last years auditions, I loved them all and got to the last round for the Drama Centre BA and the last round for the LAMDA Foundation Diploma. RADA is a tricky one. My first year I auditioned  there and hated myself and them after the audition but after time passed my love started to regrow. I felt like I really wanted to audition there again and if I didn’t I would never forgive myself. God that sounded sad.

MONOLOGUES (yes I do want you to shout that in your head) are so bloody hard to find so I have been searching for months to find a handful of speeches. So far I have got about 5 monologues to learn but still looking for another modern. There is a website called www.doollee.com which has a shit ton of modern plays that you can search through with criteria to eliminate unhelpful plays. It is still scary to look through but you may strike gold. Recently I have had a lot of success finding cheaper plays in big stores like Waterstones and the RSC bookshop but either keeping my eyes open or looking in the sale. I got the complete works of Shakespeare for £6.99 and that includes his poems and sonnets. Where did I find this beauty? Waterstones and it wasn’t even on sale. I loved life that day. I also have my musical theatre song sorted and I love it, I really hope I get to sing more this year. I will also be having a few coaching sessions this year on my monologues which I haven’t really done before. You can find accounts of my past auditions at LAMDA, RADA, Central, Drama Centre and Royal Welsh by searching for them with either drama school or audition tags.

All drama schools talk about life experience and showing your passion by performing in a variety of shows. I have been doing that. By the end of October I will have been in 6 shows and directed my first show this year and all have been different and taught me a lot. Those of you that are in a gap year at the moment go for everything, audition for lots, talk to companies in your area, if someone drops out of a show be the first person to say you will step in. You may be more tired and busier but make it work as you will reap so many benefits and more shows/work will come out of work. As far as life goes, I am living in my own happy  way and doing things that scare and excite me. I sound like such a boring person but fuck it I am spending time doing what I want to do.

Applications are a bit of a bitch but the paperwork must be done. I have done a bit of my personal statement *retches* and I am going to start my UCAS and CUKAS on Sunday whilst crying tears of frustration and anger into cake. I hope to send most, if not all, of my applications off beginning to mid November. Not too early but not late either. Mountview, RADA, Guildhall and LAMDA are all separate applications but Central and Drama Centre are UCAS with Royal Welsh on CUKAS. This means I am going to have to spend a shit ton on UCAS and CUKAS fees as well as audition fees. However these are the schools I want to audition at and if I can afford it, I will do it. I am also quite lucky that my Dad will help me out. Plan out your fees for travel, UCAS/CUKAS and application fees as soon as so you can save it up as it adds up so fucking quickly.

All in all this year feels like a good year but then I feel like a very different person to who I was when I applied last year as wanky as that sounds. I have done so much and experienced so much that an audition isn’t as scary as it was. Saying all that I do realise that all the nerves will probably hit me just as I walk into my first audition but heyho I will deal with that at the time.

Thanks for reading if you got this far, good luck with your auditions and prepping if that is why you are reading this or just good luck with life if you just stumbled across this.

P.S. I am interested to know if it would be helpful for me to post about how I learn my monologues or even what my monologues are. If it is then say and I will happily do so.


11 thoughts on “2016 Drama School Auditions

  1. Bruno Praxedes

    Hi, I’m a brazilian actor who has interest on your blog and information. The exciting thing it is that you are so open to talk about your feelings, preparation and planning for your auditions, then, I almost feel like if I were with you.
    I really want to know about Drama Schools and what is going on in the Theatres of London. So when I found this blog it was like a treasure for my research. Thanks a lot.
    Please keep going,

    1. Hello 🙂
      Glad to hear this helps and thank you, you are very kind. I will keep going as long as I remember my password so lets hope I wrote it down somewhere!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Hi Louise,

    I am on the same boat as you. Bur probably older 😦 which is why sometimes I feel that I might be too old for this. But I feel that my dream is greater than all things, so that’s why I keep going. This year is be my second year auditioning for drama schools. I don’t think I had a choice of good monologues and for this year I’ve been looking for new pieces and yet, I’m still struggling to find something that excites me. I will have a look at that website you’ve posted and see if I can get something out of it. What monologues are you doing this year and how do you prepare for them? And also where would you find good musicals? Oh by the way, I also auditioned for Guildhall and the experience was incredible. Some of the panel were very nice. At time I felt that they didn’t really listened to me but maybe they were interested in my piece…? I don’t know. But like I said, it was a great experience for sure.

    Many thanks for your post. I really should try and makes some blogs too. Hopefully I can post my experiences with all the schools I have auditioned for.

    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Nathaly x

    1. Hello Nathaly!
      Never let age put you off going to drama school or pursuing any form of education. You are never too old to learn or push yourself into a new area of the world.
      Second year of auditioning is a good year as you can avoid mistakes you made last year, like piece selection, but there will still be fun surprises. Embrace this year and just go for it.
      When it comes to new pieces sometimes you do just have to keep doing what you are doing and searching in every nook and cranny. It is boring, it can sometimes be a little expensive and it is time consuming but you will reap the rewards when you find amazing pieces. Though don’t always buy new books, you have Amazon’s used stuff or you have sales, I love a sale in every area of life. The pieces I am doing this year are from Bea by Mick Gordon, Eigengrau by Penelope Skinner and then I have some other random back ups to learn. With classical look at other writers like Middleton or Jonson, I have a wonderful piece this year from Women Beware Women by Thomas Middleton, as well as some Shakespeare. While the panels will have seen pretty much every classical speech ever, there is no harm in shaking up your repertoire for your own piece of mind.
      Musical wise I sat at my computer for damn near a whole Sunday and searched through so many pages on Google of underrated musicals, forums and the depths of Youtube to come up with an A4 page list of songs that I can choose from and learn. It was both hellish and so much fun. A couple I have are ‘She Loves Me’, ‘Title of the Show’ or ‘Chaplin’.
      It is wonderful to hear a good review o Guildhall as on the internet it is a little mixed. Yeah, panels can be weird but heyho gotta keep moving on up. I would for sure recommend you starting to blog about your experiences, it is really helpful to sometimes vent or just ease your mind about this stuff. It is tense and stressful damn near all the time, even when you are relaxed! I find that having this to come back to allows a little of this tension to ease at point because I know I can just let it all out when I get home without annoying my dog with questions.
      Sorry about the length of this reply I was just trying to answer everything in a helpful way and realised I had written a fuck ton.
      Hope you are well,
      Louise x

      1. Hi Louise, many thanks for your reply. And thank you for your kind words. I will keep an eye on these plays and see what I can find. I will dedicate a whole day (most likely a Sunday by the looks of it) and see if I can come up with some musicals. I will have a look at your examples and see if I ‘fit’ in any of them lol.

        Would love to hear your thoghts or progress with your drama schools applications. I will try and do journal for every expense I get to face with, because it’s true, sometimes writing your thoughts can be healthy for your soul. And at the same time, help other people.

        Hahah, no worries. I can write long too! But thank you so much for your help!

        Keep in touch!

        Nathaly =) xo

    1. Hello there!
      I like your blog, my friends recently went to see Things I Know to be True and were in bits by the end. Modern is still a bit up in the air but at Central I am doing Queen Ms Enforced thee monologue and Pheobe from As You Like It with Women Beware Women as an extra. Which courses are you applying for?x

  3. taylortunes

    Hello friend, thanks for the blog! I am just now starting to get interested in going to a school with a strong screen film program, and Central is at the top of that list. I submitted an application this year, but it was a bit late into the game; the audition time I was given only allowed for a few days of prep so I had to pass on it and plan to apply to the school again this October. My question is that, for what I do, Central seems to be the only school with the curriculum I require. Am I selling myself short by not submitting to more schools?

    1. Hello 🙂
      Sucks hearing about your auditioning situation this year but there is no rush in this stuff and at least you can learn from it.
      I would say that if Central is truly the only course you have looked at and like then listen to your gut. However, there are A LOT of drama schools and courses and they specialise in different things and some may not be good for you if you are definitely interested in film. I would say look into all the courses you can find, some schools have multiple courses like Central so maybe one isn’t for you but another might and then go from there. I would say ArtsEd and ALRA are pretty good for film but those are both private so not a possibility for some sadly.
      Only applying to one school is a hell of a gamble and if it comes up in your audition you will need a very coherent, well thought out and honest answer.
      If that is the only one then that is the only one but make sure you are certain in your choice and have looked into every other possibility.
      Best of luck with next year and smash it no matter what your decision is x

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