Recent Cinema Outings

Hi friends, I have seen some films recently that I would like to tell you guys about/sort out my feelings for them by expressing something to others. There might be a few spoilers in here but I will of course endeavour to not give away anything important. Feel free to tell me about your opinion be it the same as mine or totally opposite.

Miss You Already
I had seen the adverts for this and thought it looked like something fun but didn’t really have high or low expectations. It was actually a really honest, gut wrenching but hilarious film; it felt real and true. The film is about a friendship between two friends when one of them develops breast cancer and it follows them through the ups and downs of their lives as they deal with this as life continues hurtling on. While I cannot really comment on its depiction of a cancer patient and their journey as each is different, I did feel like this was a frank depiction of the way this character dealt with her diagnosis in both a good bad light. I really liked this film but beware of crying people and I do think that you should not be afraid to laugh as just because this film is sad at times shouldn’t take away from the wonderfully funny script. On a side note the friendship feels real as it isn’t all cute and ‘oh no my dearest friend’, they swear at each other and mock each other with a strong loving feeling underneath helped immensely by the brilliant performances from Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette.  

Yes I followed the crowd to see ‘Legend’ and I am a little bit mixed up with my opinion. Elements of this film are brilliant, for instance the join of the Kray brothers on screen is outstanding and I felt that Tom Hardy does a good job of this immense task. The fight was wonderfully choreographed too. My main niggle I suppose is that at times I felt the story was a little romanticised, while I understand that people have many sides to their personality and that people can put on a front it felt at times that you were asked to empathise with people I didn’t feel comfortable empathising with. I dunno just at times I felt a little uncomfortable. I am being purposefully vague as I do want you to make your own decision about this. Another problem I have is with Emily Browning as I just cannot past the fact se is an actor, I haven’t seen her in a film and thought ‘WOW she is so that character’ it always feels a little posey. I do think however it is a pretty good film but with a few little niggles and I certainly don’t regret watching it.

The Martian (2D)
After watching ‘Gravity’ and ‘Prometheus’ I was starting to lose hope for space movies. I would be sat there thinking ‘this is such bollocks’ with the lack of common sense and general nitwittery. I know they both have strong female characters in but that does not excuse stupidity in fact I think it makes it worse but that is a discussion for another post. Why 2D you may ask? Well, it’s because about 99% 3D is poop so I am not paying extra for a 2 minute sequence in a 2 hour or so film no matter how good the film is. The film itself was actually pretty damn good, the story was mostly believable and well written and Matt Damon is wonderful being both convincing and entertaining to watch. It feels a little like a cameo fest with the likes of Kristen Wigg popping in for about 10 lines and Sean Bean casually turning up half way through. However, the film did restore my faith in space films but I will not go and see the ‘Prometheus’ sequel/prequel whatever even if you threaten the life of my first born.

Oh the hype! Have you seen those trailers? They look so damn majestic and dramatic and you just want to scream and drown in all the dramatic artistic-ness! The film uses most of the original play with tweaks from scriptwriters and was set in the time the play is set. I did like this as it felt more authentic than using Shakespearean language in a modern setting and looking stupid *cough*Romeo+Juliet irks me*cough* while still making it seem more accessible by dispensing with the corsets. Aesthetically this film is impossible to fault, everything creates this other world that is rugid but seductive much like the play. On the other hand I do sometimes feel it is a little ‘wanky’ (self gratifying) and those amazing misty clips you see in the trailer feel slightly overdrawn in the film. On that topic  my lord they use so much bloody mist and smoke in this film, I think that most of the budget was used on smoke machines! I am surprised the actors don’t start coughing out their lines there was so much of that stuff clogging the picture up. The start could be picked up pace wish for sure as I almost fell asleep but after Malcolm runs away shit picked up thankfully. The acting is general alright but the stand out moment was Marion Cotillard’s Lady Macbeth monologue “out damned spot” was incredible, the rest was okay but that was just wow. I think I feel a little let down by this film as it felt a little more art film than something to excite people about Shakespeare or to excite anyone other than mist enthusiasts…Too harsh?

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