The goals of 2016

It may seem a little early for this type of post but as everything is firming up for next year in some areas already I though fuck conventions do it now.

This year I have had a few troubles personally so I am not going to lie my main goal is to sort out my head and try to put myself first a little more. I will be continuing as I am until new year and then I will be really thinking about my health and self preservation. I am not sure what this will entail just yet but it will be on my mind. So, goal one is to be relaxed and happy as much as possible.

I find that I often have a habit of really beating myself up about stuff as well. It is easy to come across as laid back on the internet but really I am awful to myself at times when I am not perfect or close enough for my own liking. I realise that you do sort of need a little bit of self criticism but excessive amounts of it do nothing but rip apart any confidence you have and will only hinder you. This goal links to the first one very closely but it deserves its own point because it is very important. It will be hard as hell but I am going to do my best. Goal two is to cut myself some slack and accept that there will be the occasional fuck up day.

The next goal is one that is probably going to sound odd but heyho. I want to be happy with my performances at auditions, not saying I need to get recalled or accepted just saying I don’t want to walk out the room thinking “what the fuck did I just do?”. I have done that too many times and  it is not a pleasant feeling as I am sure you all understand.

That is pretty much it, simple goals that I can hopefully achieve. There are a few other little things coming up that I will tell you about in the future but right now it is all secrets.

Toodle pip!


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