Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Oh the nonsense of audition dates!

I sent off my RADA application yesterday in the 4.15pm post box. I got an email today saying my audition is on Thursday 10th December. Cheeky bastards, it’s like ‘yay I get to do it soon and get the ball rolling’ but also ‘bugger I have to do it soon and get the ball rolling’. 24 hours is the speediest I have ever got any form of response from a drama school so well done chucks.

Luckily I have got my speeches sorted, I have a new classical from Henry VI part 1 and I am also gunna keep my last year one from Love’s Labour’s Lost. I am going to learn a different classical as well from Women Beware Women but that isn’t done yet. Modern I have Bea or Cooking With Elvis. Sorted.

So that happened. Today I have sent off my Guildhall application and they say allow 8 weeks to find out your audition date. I shall repeat that for you, 8 weeks! 8 weeks! Mad. I am sending off Mountview, LAMDA and hopefully UCAS tomorrow which will only leave my CUKAS which just needs a quick finish on my practical reference so will sort that and send it before the week is out!



2 thoughts on “Why is a raven like a writing desk?

  1. Hi Louise,

    Good luck on your Audion for RADA -all the best!
    I’m going to hand in my RADA Application by next week and hope they will give me a slot for March next year.

    All the best.

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