Applying to RADA and LAMDA

I have applied to both of these schools before but I have only applied to RADA once whereas LAMDA I am on my third year of auditioning for those stunners.


You need to go onto the website and print off this form and fill it out by hand. If possible I would recommend printing it off twice so you have a spare if you fuck like I usually do or you can use the first one as a draft and then keep it for your records. The form is only 4 pages long but you will also get extra information about the process. RADA do their best to make sure you are properly informed the least you can do is give it a quick read.

The content of the form is quite basic; a couple of information boxes to fill in, a box for you to stick a passport sized photo onto, a box about the fee and then some bigger boxes for longer answers. The questions on the form are still basic and simple but do give it some thought as you don’t want to come off as a twat at the first instance. No references are needed at this time.

Fees for RADA auditions are slightly different to most schools. If the school receives your application after Friday 11th December 2015 the audition fee goes from £45 to £85 so make sure they get it well before that time to avoid the massive fee increase. I sent my form off on the 30th November. Payment is done using either cheque or credit card but I always prefer a cheque.

They say to contact them if you haven’t heard back in two weeks which, to me, seems reasonable. They got back to me within 24 hours pretty much to audition the following week! With RADA make sure you are completely ready as they don’t muck about with their application process.


LAMDA have an online application that you create an account for then you can complete it at your leisure. I always prefer applications that you can do bit by bit and you don’t have to just do the whole thing in one go, it allows the applicant to give a clearer picture of themselves, or it may just give them time to bullshit…either way I like it!

The form is fairly simple, fill in boxes and upload a picture. There isn’t a huge amount to say as it is all clearly laid out. The form isn’t too long and whilst at times there is not enough box options for education for some it is good. By the last sentence I mean I went to a secondary school to do my GCSEs and then a college to do my A Levels but the LAMDA form had a box for secondary/A Levels and then post 18. The box was very full! Payment is at the end of form and is the same as all the other online school applications or UCAS.

LAMDA get back fairly quick actually, I sent my application off on the 2nd December and got my audition date on the 4th. The audition date isn’t till the end of January though so there’s some space.


2 thoughts on “Applying to RADA and LAMDA

  1. Hello Louise, how are you doing?

    It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. I said at that time I am a brazilian actor and how much I like your blog, but today I’d like to extend a little more this comment saying that It is really fun follow you in your drama auditions. It seems I am accompaning you since the preparation to the actual day and later. Besides, for me it is really helpfull know about the steps of these auditions because someday I want to do some of them and you are sharing so much including your feelings, thank you so much.
    Taking the opportunity, could you help me with a doubt? I read some prospectus, but I still have a question (or maybe a hope) about costs. After one of these auditions, if you get into a drama school, you will pay somehing or it will be a scholarship?

    1. Hello, I am good thank you how are you?
      I remember you and thanks I’m happy you are finding them helpful.
      With regards to cost, most of the courses cost £9,000 to UK students but most have a different price for international students, this can usually be found on the websites. Scholarships are offered at most schools but some have more than others. I don’t know the specifics about any special or extra scholarships international students could get but I would assume they are out there. I know RADA have a lot of students on scholarships or financial assistance of various amounts. To find out more about scholarships I would recommend emailing the schools and asking. I don’t know if international students can get DADA’s but if they can that might be a good thing to look into.
      Hope this has helped some and good luck with everything,

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