RADA 2016

10th December 2015.

This was a biggy for me. I just about imploded when I auditioned here in my first year so more than anything this audition was to cleanse my soul and put it all behind me.

What to prepare: 

You will need a classical, a modern and a back up classical. RADA have a crap ton of info everywhere. I feel like I always say the same thing in this bit but I feel the post would be incomplete without it. This situation annoys me.

The actual day: 

I have moved up in the world, I got a train! My audition was at 1.30 so I went in early enough that I still had a good while before my audition but also late enough to get a cheap train fare. I got into Paddington and got the Hammersmith and City line to Euston Square because whilst it is a little further from RADA than Goodge Street it is straight down one road and I don’t like testing my ability to get lost. I got into the area like 50 minutes early so I went to the Waterstones down the road and had a little splurge (I have already posted about this so look at the last post). I got to RADA for 1pm and got my sticker and started chatting to people. Eventually we went up and filled out forms and got ‘the talk’ from a lovely Australian called Jo. Then separated into our two groups we went to our panels, I was third of four people.

I was feeling a little weird at this audition, I was nervous yet calm but also excited and a mixture of other emotions I don’t quite understand yet. I went in and went bright red for no reason other than the panel looked at me…great first impression. We had a little chat about what I was up to and then I did my speeches starting with classical and ending on modern. I was made to stand quite far back but all in all it was fairly uneventful. They asked a few basic questions like ‘have I always wanted to be an actor?’ to which the answer was ‘no’ because I grew up with horses covered in mud and theatre didn’t really come into my life until I was in secondary school.

Leaving the audition I felt happy. My performance was okay, not incredible but not shocking. I felt like I had cleansed myself, I knew who I was and that whilst a recall would be beautiful it probably wasn’t on the cards but I knew that I had shown myself in a better light than in my first year.

The result: 

Long time no update and you can probably guess why. It has been Christmas, shit has gone down and I got rejected. Ah well gotta keep fighting on. I am working New Years eve so if you don’t hear from me for a while just assume I have hidden and am refusing to come out of my hidey hole.

Overall thoughts and feelings: 

Meh? Just in general not feeling too great, doesn’t have much to do with the rejection it is just a general feeling of “well fuck”. Just gotta pull myself up and get going, no point in moping and fucking up everything else.


2 thoughts on “RADA 2016

  1. Wow 🙂 You are amazing. I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was in third grade and my goals rights now, at 15, are to train/practise enough to get into RADA, as it has been an endeavour of mine for many years. If possible, please blog some more about your experience at the audition… I really enjoy what you write 🙂 ~ Valeria

    1. Hi Valeria.
      It is always great to have that dream school but don’t forget there are some other incredible schools in the world as well (from your use of the grade system I am assuming you are from America). Keep practising but don’t forget to have a life outside of theatre, non theatre life may be less sparkly but it is quite fun :P. I will try and think of some more stuff to tell you about RADA but I am afraid my experience is limited but there is a blogger who has a lot on her page (Everyday Drama) so if you haven’t already check out her blog. I wish you the greatest luck with your life and with your auditions in the future, I am sure you will absolutely smash them! Thank you reading 🙂
      P.S. I hear ALRA (another drama school) looks a lot like a castle so check it out as well and you may not be castleless for long.

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