Fuck me and call me Carol.

Weird title? Yes but there is a reason.

I am being rude because I am shocked, very shocked, I was even a little slack jawed for a moment. This blog has had over a thousand visitors… not one, not ten but a thousand. I sort of assumed that with the internet being so big and weird that someone may eventually stumble across one of my ramblings but this feels weird. I am aware that in the general scheme of things 1000 people isn’t all that many but for me it feels bloody huge!

I actually came on today to give you a little post saying I have Mountview and Central this week, Guildhall and LAMDA later in January and that I was planning a couple of non theatre related posts(I know ‘SHOCK’). However, before I started writing I thought I would have a little look at my ‘stats’ like the narcissist I probably am and I was just a bit taken aback.

This post has now become a poorly structured thank you. Thank you to the people that bother to glance at the awfully punctuated accounts of auditions. Thank you to the people that possibly waste their data on reading a random persons opinion on a book. Thank you to the angels blessed with so much patience that they can put up with the blue air that surrounds every sentence I type. Thank you to the people who take time out of their day to read, like, comment or maybe think about something I said. Thank you.

Bloody hell that got sappy. Soz. On a less wet note my English teachers would cry if they saw my abuse of the English language.

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