Applying to Guildhall and Mountview

This is the first year I have applied to these schools and I have had a few surprises in the application process so I thought I would do a little post on the application process*.  I will be doing my best to keep this brief but short posts are not my forte. Neither of these schools are on UCAS/CUKAS so you do it all independently but we shall do it together, simple pimple! GO TEAM!
*Application Process in this post means the paper work or forms you fill in before you get the audition date. 


Very simple at first, you click the apply online button and you are taken through it all. It is a lengthly online form made up of lots of little forms. This form is good because you can save and return later to finish so you don’t have to do it all in one sitting.

You will need to have a picture you can upload, it should be head shot style but don’t bother with proper head shots if you don’t have them as that shit is expensive! Get someone to take a picture of you in front of a plain wall, no make up/minimal make up and hair off your face and the picture should have your head and shoulders. Simple. Guildhall also requires you to put in a 4000 character personal statement, copy over the one you did for UCAS/CUKAS and maybe change a few little bits then BOOM!

For Guildhalls application you will need to put in the details of two references but they will only be contacted if you get further into the audition process.

The payment is expensive, not gunna lie, but it goes along that you fill in all the form and then pay by clicking the payment button then submit. Clearly marked and easy to follow just a little steep.

I got lots of emails saying ‘8 weeks!’ ‘8 weeks!!’ ‘8 weeks!!!’ all due to huge volume of applications they get. All sounds a bit fishy to me but heyho. I sent my application off on 1st December and I got my audition date on 12th November and the date is January 22nd. The bitches are a bit dramatic as that seems like a normal amount of time between all the stages but heyho.


This is a series of pages on their website, you need to fill in a series of boxes and then go onto the next page. There is a lot and you can’t save and return so you have to do it all in one sitting.

Same as with Guildhall you will need a picture to upload. The same criteria apply to the picture and it can be the same one. With the Mountview application though you need to do a 250 word personal statement on why you are applying to Mountview acting course and why it attracted you. You can knock this out quite quickly but I didn’t know so had a mild panic when I first saw it (that was actually the inspiration for this post). Just make sure you include stuff about the course content and the ‘mission’ of the school. All that fun jazz.

Reference wise it wasn’t clear whether you needed them at first so I emailed the school and for BA Acting you don’t need references until later in the audition process. I believe I was told at the recall stage they would ask for references. After you get to the end of the form you have to pay on the same form.

I didn’t get an email from Mountview saying ‘we have your application’ which I thought was odd but I thought ‘give them some time and see what happens’. I was right as I sent my application off on 2nd December and I got my date on the 4th December. All the drama schools are very quick this year, damn impressive. The date is in early January so I have Christmas and I like that set up of giving the auditionees a month. Whilst I understand you should be ready to perform when you send off the application I find a little bit of extra time settles me, I get very anxious when I travel if I don’t do enough prep work to know exactly where I am going (even then I am a dick to travel with but I always get there) so that extra time really helps me calm.


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