Mountview 2016

6th January 2016

What to prepare:

You need to have a Shakespeare and a modern after 1979, I believe. Here is different as they specify Shakespeare not just anything from Elizabethan or Jacobean like most.

The actual day: 

I got up at 5am. The day starts at 9.30am but for me to get the train into London and get across from Paddington to Wood Green I had to be up early. The way to get from the Tube to the school is a little confusing so make sure you plan ahead and map it before with lots of time on the day.

Once you get to the school you go in get a number with your name and then head up to the canteen, they were auditioning Musical Theatre on the same day so the small canteen was packed! After a little while the acting auditionees were called and we followed a youngish bloke down to a studio downstairs and waited a little while. Eventually we were spilt into two groups, one of which was then halved again. The big group (with me) would be doing our workshops first, the other half would do their speeches to a panel and have a Q&A with the grads. The day began…

We started with the movement workshops and holy shit it was awesome! At some places movement can be quite ‘wanky’ but here you could see how it translates to characters and I really enjoyed this part of the day, it was probably my favourite bit. Then we did improvisation and it was this extended improvisation that was enjoyable but I dunno if I was too keen on the teacher, he was very intense and it felt like he was trying to trip you up but some others loved him. The morning lasted about 3 hours and then it was lunch. After lunch we were split in two and I did my speeches first. The speech panel were lovely and I liked them. My speeches went okay, not like AH! but not shite and that pissed me off because the mistakes I did make were stupid and I should have known better. Then we had the Q&A and the graduates were lovely and honest answering all the questions we could think of.

We then all got together again and waited for the list. Two lists were called and they were taken off to different rooms, I wasn’t called.

The result: 

I got rejected.

Overall thoughts and feelings: 

I can’t properly describe the way I feel as I am not sure I quite understand it yet myself but here goes; I am pissed as I hate the fact that we are being judged on something that is sort of ‘unjudgeable’, I hate the fact that they clearly had a type that I don’t fit yet still auditioned me, I loved the movement so much which is rare for me, I didn’t feel comfortable with the improv teacher but I liked the acting teacher on the panel, the graduates had such a passion for the school and said it is very supportive  but seemed quite judgemental of other schools and just argh!!! I dunno but hey at least no one died.


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