Applying to Central and Drama Centre

Another instalment of ‘Applying to’ as I am affectionately calling it and this time we tackle two more titans; the ever classy Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and the steely Drama Centre (UAL). Let us crack on.

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama- 

The joys of UCAS…I fucking hate UCAS. It is just such an arse ache and so much of it seems utterly useless, I haven’t got into anywhere yet do we really need to discuss funding? Chances are if we are from the UK we will be getting a loan. Urgh. Moving on, the process of applying on UCAS can be lengthy but you can start early and get the bulk out of the way before even October rolls around. You can also save and return which is always a plus. On UCAS you will need a personal statement and a reference.

Once you have sent off your UCAS you will be emailed by Central asking you to click the Eventbrite link and choose an audition date. You don’t have to book an audition date then but you know it gets annoying having emails taking up space in your inbox for ages. They add new dates after some time and then you can choose later dates. After about two weeks of having received the email I booked.

On top of the UCAS fee you will need to pay an audition fee of £50 (I think I am remembering correctly) but at least you get more for your money than some places. Everyone who applies does a warm up at the beginning of the day, a tour of Central, a panel audition and a workshop (focused on either Musical Theatre or Collaborative and Devised Theatre) and you are considered for all three courses not just one.

That pretty much sums up the Central application it is really straight forward thankfully.

Drama Centre (University of the Arts London)- 

UCAS again! Once you have done all the jazz on UCAS you will get an email asking you to book an audition date. Drama Centre run auditions on Wednesday and Saturday and you book a morning audition at either 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am or 12.30am. You won’t be seen for a full hour but your group will be seen in that…in theory, they are always running late on audition dates.

The awkward bit of this application process is you also have to fill in some other forms and write a mini statement about why you like/want to go to Drama Centre. There is also an option to bring along an acting CV. The forms are fairly straight forward, they email them to you, you print and fill them in. Don’t forget them! Forgetting the forms is just silly and will look God awful. Don’t leaving writing them until the night before either, really think about what you are writing and why you want to go to Drama Centre.

These two are really straight forward as most of the awkward stuff is on UCAS so the schools get off lightly and avoid my wrath. There wasn’t much waiting time about the schools getting back to you and you can choose the audition date so you control how much time you have before the audition. Simples.

4 thoughts on “Applying to Central and Drama Centre

  1. Hi Louise,

    Quick question, since I’ve missed the UCAS application, because my referees weren’t available to supply one immediately (and of course my fault for thinking this was going to be easy peasy). do you know when is the deadline for CUKAS? I am mostly interested in auditioning for DRAMA Centre, but since they do not consider lat applicants, regardless of what you tell them, I was wondering if I could apply to them through CUKAS. The only thing is, that I am not familiar with this website as I have never herd about it, until you mentioned it in your posts lol.

    So as you can imagine, I am a bit gutted I didn’t make it to -at least- the auditions, I am trying to find other ways to get one. Part of me is telling me that the deadline for this has gone already, but I just want to ask and confirm.

    Thank youuuuu!!


    1. Hello!
      As far as I am aware they have the same deadline and Drama Centre can only be applied for through UCAS.
      The situation sucks but if you are interested in other schools that are not on UCAS you may still able to apply to those.
      In all honesty there is no harm in dropping them an email, chances are they will say no but if you are honest with them and express how much you want to audition for the school and how much you love the course you may get one. Always worth a try. If not then at least you have a better idea for next year and you have this year to get more experience and do other random shit 😛
      Sorry I haven’t been much help, I wish you the best of luck with every thing and I will keep my fingers crossed you get an audition.

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