Central 2016

8th January 2016

What to prepare: 

Here you need two Classicals from their list and they do not specify if you have to do only the ladies ones if you are a lady or only a blokes if you are a bloke but you know use your common sense. You will also need a modern speech and two songs (one musical theatre piece with sheet music and the other can be anything).

The actual day: 

Another 5am start, the joys! My train was on time arriving into Paddington though so I was outside the school by 7.50am. I went to the Costa near by and had a wander till 8.30am when I went in. The usual format for the start of the day with ‘fill in these three forms’ but simple pimple.  Then we went into a big hall and had the speech about the school/courses and the warm up of scooping your favourite ice cream, squashing bananas and your tree roots growing down into the earth…God I love drama!

There were about 90 or so people there and we were split into 9 groups of around 10. In the morning you do a workshop, a tour and your speeches to a panel. I had my day in that order. The workshop was orientated to the CDT course (collaborative and devised theatre) and it was quite fun but they always tell you “don’t act” which I always makes me retreat into my head and go “am I acting? Is this acting? What is acting?” so meh. I didn’t have to sing but still bring your sheet music no matter what order you put the courses preference wise. The tour was next and as this is my third year of auditioning while I understand the importance of it the tour can be a little boring. Our student helper was lovely (and had beautiful hair I must say) and we all asked a lot of questions and she was really supportive. Finally we had our panel. At Central you perform in front of your group and two panel members, you don’t clap at the end you just get up, do, sit down.  All in all I was a little disappointed with my group, they were lovely people but I am not gunna they felt young. I will go into this more in a different post. Some were really good and others had potential but were weird in one way or other; for instance, one girl was very intense but had the most strange physicality for her Shakespeare that it was incredibly distracting, it was like her limbs were pointed. I was quite happy with my speeches but I felt like I wasn’t still enough for Margaret and they stopped my modern.

LUNCH! We got out late so we only had about 25 minutes but everyone ate and we went into the hall for the lists. This is the bit I hate as it is so awkward! I have been a called and a non called and it is fucking awks for both! They say at Central that not getting to the afternoon is not an immediate rejection but from what I have seen like maybe 1 person in a year will not get the afternoon and still be recalled, also it can’t be bad if they want to see you more. This year my  name was called, the only one in my group which was a little awkward as I thought that at least two of them were really good but maybe they got recalled straight away. Anyhoo we then got told what we were recalled for and were split into our groups, I was recalled for the Acting strand (whoop!). There were about 15 of us recalled for the Acting strand but we were split into groups. There were 6 in mine, 5 girls and 1 boy.

In our afternoon session there were the two ladies from my morning panel and a new bloke, they were all lovely so don’t worry. We did a mini workshop/warm up with two members of the panel then we sat down like before and they called us up 1 by 1 and we did our second speech and they played about with it, everyone was good but some people took to the direction better than others. Weirdly they asked most of us how they felt it changed the speech but they didn’t ask me…maybe I am reading too much into it but maybe they felt I was a lost cause. Viola went okay I thought though, I missed a line but I carried on and I did my best with the direction and to engage fully. However I had a good day and had fun with my group in the afternoon. I also got a cheap ticket home as the one on Wednesday cost me £62.50 at peak time, this was £34.10 at off peak as I was finished by 3.30pm. Back on topic, they said they would let us know before 12th January so hopefully won’t be waiting long but probably going to be another rejection…yay.


I was right! Rejected again.

Overall thoughts and feelings: 

I like Central and it was nice to get more time with the panel but I don’t think it is my favourite. I can sort of see myself there but I dunno. I shall muse over this one. I got a positive vibe from it though and I had a fun day, nice to not get out right rejected again but just gotta keep plugging away.


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