Guildhall 2016

22nd January 2016

What to prepare: 

You need 3 pieces and a song. The pieces are to be more no more than 2 minutes I think, I can’t remember but they will email you so keep calm. The song is unaccompanied so no need to worry about sheet music.

The actual day: 

I had an audition time of 1.30pm but I had heard that Sundial Court is quite hard to find so I left a little early. To be fair whilst it wasn’t easy to find it wasn’t awful. The best way I think is to head to the Barbican, follow along to the actual school then follow Silk Street up till the next right (Chiswell Street I believe) and then a little down the road on your left. I went to reception and the big gate got opened and in I walked with someone else I met just outside. A lot of people say it stinks of beer and all that but honestly it wasn’t that bad. There was only one other person there when we got in and we started chatting, as everyone else turned up the atmosphere was really nice and we all played guessing games about ages and names and it was a really nice group. There were very few younger auditionees, a lot of the people auditioning were at least 19 with about 5 being in there twenties and I do sort of think that contributed to the more relaxed atmosphere. You could really tell the difference a few years can make when it comes to nerves.

We all got led into a room by three graduates and wrote down our pieces and then went into the studio to do the workshop. For the workshop we had to wear numbers, I don’t really care about numbers as they can’t be expected to learn our names straight away; just accept it and move on. The workshop was fun and led by one of the panel, who were also graduates, involving a lot of ensemble work and a little of the whole ‘no acting’ thing. When that was done they gave us a quick chat about how Guildhall is looking for something very specific and then we were led back to the room and told we would go in the order of our numbers but we didn’t have to wear them any more. I was number 12 of about 14. The time went by really quickly though as our group was filled with absolutely beautiful people, we all chatted about where we came from and about random bits and bobs. This was by far the nicest group of people I have auditioned with. I went in to my individual audition and they asked to see all three of my pieces, I thought they went well but I do think I maybe could have been a little more alive. I was present but I dunno I just felt a little bit more dimmed than usual. We had a brief chat and I had a nice chit chat with them about what I do with my time etc. Went back and waited in the room.

The result: 

They recalled two boys. I am not a boy.

Overall thoughts and feelings: 

I really enjoyed my day and I was a little disappointed I didn’t get recalled but I am not sure if it was the school or the people that made me love this day. I think I will rethink before auditioning next year for Guildhall but the chances are high I will reapply.


6 thoughts on “Guildhall 2016

    1. They were two Northern blokes, I know one was 22 and can’t quite remember how old the other was but seemed about 19. Both were lovely and one was absolutely hilarious in a very dry sort of way. Hope this helped 🙂

      1. Thank you! When I did my audition, I felt that one of these guys was not bothered. I don’t know. Maybe it was my nerves picking up on thing things or my imagination was just mental that day. Hence, I didn’t really feel comfortable, hence why I felt my audition was a bit shitty. However, I have been offered a course on the foundation for RADA, but I don’t know if this is a good sign? I keep hearing bad things about schools offering you a foundation course…? I mean, it is quite ALOT of money!

        1. It is stressful auditioning and everyone deals with it in different ways. It can be hard not to be put off occasionally by other peoples attitudes (done it myself) but we just need to learn to focus on ourselves without be dickish.
          Well done on the RADA course. Foundation courses are complicated, it is good they want to spend time with you and think you have something and you will learn a lot and be surrounded by something you are passionate about. However the money is a massive issue and that doesn’t include living costs or costs of any supplies needed. There is also the issue of whilst you will learn a lot you are not guaranteed a place on a three year course if that is what you decide to do after and you will have all the costs of that course now on top of what you paid for the foundation course.
          It s definitely something worth thinking about, there is usually a few people in each year who have been on one foundation course or other or if you decide to not train any more after that you will have a good name to put on your CV at least. Think about it, talk to people about the money and find someone who maybe did the course.
          Sorry for the rambling but I hope this helps in some way.
          Louise x
          P.S It is still a big achievement to be offered a Foundation so congratulations and just keep working and getting closer.

  1. Sam

    What age is the oldest person you’ve seen at an audition? I plan on auditioning when I get home and I’ll be 25 then do you think I’ve left it too long?

    Any sort of insight will be great thanks.

    1. Honestly age is no factor at all. I was at my LAMDA audition last year and I ran into a lady who was at a second first round who was in her fourties with two kids.
      Some people benefit from being a bit older and some people are ready when they are 18; as long as you perform well, fit the school and fit with the year they are creating your age won’t matter.
      Don’t let it put you off at all just focus on your pieces. Good luck and smash it!

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