LAMDA 2016

30th January 2016

What to prepare: 

You need a classical and a contemporary. I always put this in but it is damn near always the same. Heyho.

The actual day: 

I usually drive with my dad to my LAMDA auditions and today was no exception. After work in the morning we drove up for my 5.15pm audition. I walked into LAMDA at about 4.50pm and was quickly taken into the common room as we waited to be taken to the room to audition. I was taken up a few minutes later and while I waited outside I got chatting to the current student. He was a first year and very nice to chat to.

I went in and the two panellists said hello and they asked me what pieces I was doing, wrote them down after which they said do your pieces (nicer than that but that is the basic sentiment at this point). I did my pieces and overall I felt it went okay, no massive cock ups and I felt I showed them at least a little bit of what I could offer…ish? After that I went and waited downstairs for someone to take us to the interview. The interview is simple, a couple of questions like what are you up to, why do you want to train, where else have you auditioned and the like. The lady interviewing me recognised me from the auditions last year which is weirdly nice although I did walk into the door frame. I am very smooth, graceful like a swan! I walked out of the school at 6pm and went home to sleep.

The result: 

I got my rejection email a couple of days ago.

Overall thoughts and feelings: 

Feel a bit shit as I do love LAMDA but I am really thinking about drama school seriously at the moment and, in all honesty, I am quite happy not to go to drama school this year. I want to do a little more before I go and deal with a couple of things before I go. I need to think more about it before I make any huge decisions. I do want to go to drama school and I do want to be a professional actress but I don’t feel the same time crunch to go to drama school as before. Weird I know but I shall sort through my brain some and let you know.


2 thoughts on “LAMDA 2016

    1. Thank you, nice to know I am not totally crazy. Thanks and I have read your posts as well, congratulations on doing so well and your posts are wonderful. Good luck with your everything coming up 🙂 x

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