The Dog and the Elephant- Review

Friday 5th February at Bristol Old Vic.
Written by Matt Grinter. Cuckoo Collective.

I was quite excited to see this show as it looked like something I would like, weird but promising something different and sparkly… I don’t pile pressure onto shows at all! The show was part of Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment project last year and some excellent shows come out of that, if you can get to see some shows that were/are a part of it go as they are usually amazing!

The show itself is a one man show about a boxer called Bendigo Barlow and his friendship with an elephant. I was worried when it first started as I couldn’t quite hear that actor, Jack Johns, over the music but my early fears were soon proved unnecessary. The performance was gripping and the story was fast paced and electric. The play is short at just under an hour but the entire audience was hooked for the full length of the play. The style of performance was highly physical and the movement director Anna Croxson did a fantastic job and Johns executed the complicated physicality and style with great ease. The full production was beautifully crafted from the set to the writing.

The theatre company, Cuckoo Collective, is relatively new but I’m looking forward to seeing future productions from this company. I will be watching the website closely to find out the dates for their next show which is currently in development. I have linked below their website and I highly recommend you have a look.

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