Drama Centre 2016

10th February 2016.

What to prepare: 

You need a classical piece (in verse is specified) and a contemporary for them is after like 1840 so you have a lot of scope there. They also ask you to fill in a speech form, an about you form and write a 300 word statement on why you are applying to Drama Centre. I did what I said not to do and did all the paperwork the night before…whoops.

The actual day: 

My audition time wasn’t till 12.30 so had a nice journey planned and all went well till I got to London and couldn’t find my Oyster card so had to buy a day pass for £12.10 and then as I am waiting on the platform it is announced there are no eastbound trains and so I have to run to a different line and go on a roundabout way. Luckily I get to the school 15 minutes early still. It is a small group and we head up, speaking to the student helper a lot of people didn’t turn up throughout the day though. There is only one panel on a Wednesday which is different to Saturday auditions when there are usually 3 panels. I go in quite late in the group. My modern goes shite, like really shite, so shite that as soon as I finish it I know I won’t be recalled because it was so shite. It was shite. Shakespeare went okay and interview was okay, they asked me one question but I knew that was a courtesy as I wasn’t going to be recalled. Went out and waited for the list.

The result: 

I wasn’t on the list.

Overall thoughts and feelings: 

I felt really shit about this one and still do because I fucked it up, I just didn’t connect at all to my modern and I fucked it. I couldn’t walk out the room thinking I did my best work because that was shite. I do now just need to put it behind me but I am angry at myself because I really love Drama Centre and I fucked it up.


4 thoughts on “Drama Centre 2016

    1. Hello, sorry for late reply. Yeah some days are just like that and as irritating as it is just got to pick up and move on. I remember the mans name was Richard (so helpful I know :P) and I cannot remember the womans name. Are you auditioning there soon?x

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