Yep I am alive, hello!

Sorry for the absence I recently got two new jobs so all planned theatre trips went out the window and my everyday life is far too boring to post about.

So what will be the next few posts on this poor neglected blog? At the moment I am writing a post about a Theatre of Cruelty course I am on, there is one week left so expect to see that very long post up next week. Today I start a six week short course on the Suzuki Method at Fourth Monkey which I am very excited about! Whoop whoop! I will be making one big post about that but every now and then there may be a tidbit about what we have been up to. As far as seeing shows I will get back on that once I have settled into my jobs, which will hopefully not be long, but my Saturday nights have been obliterated and my Fridays may go soon too which were prime show seeing nights for me as I usually have to travel a little further to see a show that isn’t a comedian or an ABBA tribute.

Finally, what am I doing? I recently took up bouldering which has been very fun. For those that don’t know bouldering is rock climbing without ropes, very fun but hard on the hands. I now go climbing three times a week usually in the day before work. On that note, I have been working a lot. Funsies! Best of all I have been devising a show with a company I have worked with a lot now and we are going to be taking this show to EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL!!! We have been accepted at C Venues and I am so excited. I am not sure if I will talk about it too much on here but we have a little while for me to decide so we’re all cool.

Right then, I hope this excuses or explains my little absence and I can be forgiven. I will try and get a couple of play reviews written up soon as well to really sweeten the “I’m back” deal. Hopefully everything is going really well with all of you, those of you auditioning are happy and killing it while everyone is happy and owning life. Toodles!

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