Chekhov’s First Play Review

12th May 2016
Bristol Old Vic
Part of the Mayfest Festival

I have seen a show from this company before and I was so excited when I saw they were coming back… I did a happy scream but luckily I was at home so no awkward stares for once!

Anyhoo, my father and I got there a little early and got some food at the restaurant in the theatre whilst we waited for the doors to open. I do enjoy Bristol Old Vic and their food but it will be really hard to top the food I had at The Wardrobe Theatre. When we got in the show used headphones like ‘The Encounter’ which I saw in Bristol and ‘Fiction’ which I saw in Edinburgh. The show lasts 70 minutes straight through with no interval but it didn’t feel long or dragging.

Dead Centre always have very visually exciting shows and this one was no exception, the  designers all worked so hard to create something so exquisite and I can’t put it into words how incredible each element is. I can only recommend you go and see so that you can understand properly. The images created by all this were very poignant and the words emphasised this. The show began quite traditionally, except for the ‘directors commentary’ we got in through our headphones, but the second part everything became more abstract. The second half was reminiscent of being the only sober one at a party of very drunk people before the vomiting starts.

There are things I can’t tell you as it may ruin the show if you see it but there are twists in this show that are surprising, witty and intelligent. I would highly recommend you see either this show or one of Dead Centres other shows. This is a theatre company that have a distinct style that meshes tradition with a beautiful contemporary quirkiness that makes them so exciting.


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