The Best Thing Review

25th May 2016
Tobacco Factory, Bristol.

I had never been to the Tobacco Factory before and I had heard a lot of good things however a lot of that has been massively overshadowed by the HORRENDOUS parking. The first spot we saw was a twenty minute walk away on the other side of the river! And that was a squeeze even for my little car. I am not saying that as a theatre you must supply a crap ton of parking but fucking hell! Usually I would be a little less angry about this but put it this way, I have been to Bristol many times and seen many shows and never had this issue before; I have been to many different theatres in Bristol and not had this issue. It irked me.

Onto the actual show now I have ranted a bit. The theatre was actually quite nice and we went and sat in out seats, turns out there is a pillar right in front of us but oh well it should be alright. The show is about women in the 60s or around that time who were forced to give up their babies because they were either young or unmarried or for other ridiculous reasons.

The interesting thing about the show is that it was all done through mask and the four performers played several roles. It being a mask show none of the actors spoke but the music really helped tell the story and bridged the gap between the 60s and the present day. The music lead to some beautiful physical moments that could be both moving and funny, two scenes in particular are a type writing class scene, a seduction and a birthing scene. As someone who is not particularly keen on the idea of pushing a baby out of my fanny that scene was rather gross even though it was very funny. This show was an excellent example of incredible mask work with some really bright moments but there was nothing incredibly special about it. It would be worth a watch if you want to see a company who are very good and competent at masks and physical comedy.


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