Edinburgh 2016

I know I am an arsehole for not updating or writing anything in ages. I could give an excuse but there is no point so I shall apologise and endeavour not to do it again. I thought I would start by talking about my experience at Edinburgh this year. I am splitting it into two posts, this one about the shows I saw and then one later about my experience as a performer at the Fringe.

I saw quite a few brilliant shows this year (and a few shit ones) but I mostly tried to see the type of shows I want to make so I saw a lot of weird stuff which made me very happy! I am only going to talk about the real highs and lows as this post would be a mental length if I talked about all them, now onto the shows;

  • The Vaudevillains- This is by the company Les Enfants Terribles who everyone should be aware of, if you aren’t they did Alice Underground and the new Twits immersive dinner. We saw this show on its opening night and there were a few tech issues but they dealt with it well and it was kind of reassuring to see such a big company have issues as well. Anyhoo, the show was a musical about a murder at a cabaret type club and it had some really great bits, the Compare was fantastic and I kind of fell in love with the Ventriloquist. This was a great night and a really good show to start on.
  • Flabbergast Theatre Company- We saw three shows by this theatre company and one of them twice, to say we loved this company is an understatement. We saw their improvised puppet show Boris and Sergey, their clowning show Tatterdermalion and their buffoon show Skrimshanks which is the one we saw twice. I had seen two Boris and Sergey shows before which is why we all went and we all just fell in love. They are very difficult to explain so I am just gunna say see their shows, go and see them and be forever happy!
  • The Creeps- Another clowning show but this was a one woman show with a few different characters with slightly intertwining stories. The way this was staged was clever as each character had their own distinct space and the performer moved seamlessly between them. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in but I really enjoyed it. It was different.
  • Inferno- I have spoken about a couple of shows I really like, this was not one of them. This was about Dantes journey through Hell and it was described as physical theatre but it was very disappointing sadly. Some parts had potential like the Cerberus moment but some bits were not utilised like the ending with Satan and there was a lot of cope outs by saying ‘oh here is this’ and looking out to the audience which irritates me. Also, for the Centaurs they had two topless girls on the shoulders of two blokes. This was very out of the blue and the two girls looked very young (they were at least 18 but they had some serious baby face) which was quite uncomfortable and distracting.
  • Yokai- On the subject of weird shows this was a fantastically weird one that made me very happy. I cannot even start to explain this show, it was very strange with lots of different little stories that occasionally collided, some funny moments, some sad moments some beautiful moments with puppetry.
  • Binari- We did a thing where we picked someones name out of a hat and had to take them to a show and this was the show I was taken to. This was a Korean dance show and I had never seen any type of Korean theatre before so I was really excited. This was certainly an experience, it was all in Korean but you could follow the story through their actions and all. It was really funny and visually stunning! You got given a little leaflet filled with information on the meaning of some of it. I would recommend going to see theatre from different cultures as it was really interesting and entertaining.
  • Grimm: An Untold Tale- I was really hopeful for this show but sadly I was disappointed. It is a show about the Grimms tales collected by women and whilst the story was interesting I found the acting to be almost comically bad and some of the choices were strange, the three women played men throughout except one that was played by the male musician on stage and that choice seemed clunky and many of the transitions between characters and scenes were clunky. Just not a big fan.
  • Empty Beds- This show was one of the most naturalistic shows I saw and I am very happy I did as it was really good. The story moved along swiftly and drip fed you enough  information to keep interested but never told you too much or spoon fed you. The three performers were all fantastic, confidently switching between the comedy and the serious moments. The ending may have been a little forced and the sick trick was a bit obvious but overall I was very pleased.

So those are my highlights and low lights of Edinburgh 2016. I will be posting about my experience as a performer soon and also about applications for 2017 entry soon and I am doing stuff differently to before. Sorry for how late this is and I hope you are all well!


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