Why contemporary theatre?

Well hello there! Been a while hasn’t it. Anyhoo I am back and this is where we are starting. This is a question I have been asked a lot, asked myself a lot and will probably be asked at auditions so I thought “fuck it, lets make a blog post about it too”.

I can be quite oblivious at times, it could also be stubbornness but oblivious is far kinder to myself. I have been creating original work and utilising a lot of contemporary techniques which really resonated with me for the past two years but my brain was still telling me I needed to do a more classical course or it wouldn’t be ‘respected’ or ‘right’. I was wrong. I was wrong for myself, for you a classical course with a traditional ethos, all the bells and whistles of traditional theatre and drama training but that isn’t for me.  There have been hints here and there but I have either refused to acknowledge them or just blindly missed them.

This year I really thought about what I enjoy doing and what I want to do in the future, what sort of shows I want to create and be in. Something that stuck out to me was that there was no question in my mind that I would create work and not just because in this climate you have too but because I love it. I want to create stories not to showcase myself and get noticed but to tell stories that are important and collaborate with other performers and artists.

What I enjoy about contemporary theatre is how diverse it is and can be. So much is seen as contemporary or just taking a risk and that excites me so much. I wanna learn a whole load of weird and wonderful skills that can be used to create with others.

Another key thing for me is that I adore physical theatre and even in more written performance I like to start with the body for my characters and the performance as a whole. I want to be taught in a way that embraces that rather than be forced to start with the text. I am open to that idea and for some shows that may be the right move but it isn’t my first choice and that should be respected. I am also kinda a believer in the whole ‘do we really need the words?’ kinda idea…soz.

I hope this kinda clears a few things up. I know what I want to do and I am going to pursue my best chance at being happy in my career with everything I have.

Hope everything is going well with you and enjoy your day/evening x


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